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  1. Thats was so funny when guy said lets come back lets show that we can and they lost
  2. In future my friend. Monitor and Video cards a really high....
  3. Well could not find any topic with Counter strike Ace or just nice play videos.. So lets start it here: Today i were playing Overpass, had an eco round and made an ace. After that we did a comeback and finished 15 15... *Sorry for bad quality and no sound.... Tell me what do you think and post yours!
  4. Im playing only: Counter Strike and World of Tanks nothing more :) so i think thats enough
  5. Pizza or burger?

    I love both of them
  6. What languages do you speak?

    Lithuanian, English > Russian A little bit polish
  7. Hi guys, So i would like to know which mouse pads are you using, and which you like and which you not. Going to buy new one soon as i have chinese now. Im thinking about Steelseries QCK
  8. What do you guys think about this setup? Is it still enough for gaming?