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  1. GZ! That's good progress! GC season 7 go go go! :)
  2. Those epic headshot passes, calculated! :)
  3. Anyone else feel that we need to see a rematch between these two legends? Whole DI-VII as spectators cheering! I want to see best of 5s to once and for all settle the wreaker and wreakee
  4. Isn't that the whole idea with Cards against humanity? The worse you can make it the funnier it is :D
  5. Felt like the sound was changing up and down in volume through out the video, maybe you could for the next one see if you could level it more so it doesn't change as much? I can also recommend Reaper software which helps a lot with noise etc to make the sound crisper. :)
  6. Is there a difference between 144 and 240 Hz?

    I personally feel a big difference between 60 and 120 hz monitor so getting at least 120 hz with one of the adaptive sync technologies like FreeSync or G-sync (My preference) is definitely worth it. But be careful with a few things: 1. Resolution, choose one your hardware can actually handle at the specific refresh rates. See too many people buy 4k screens that are expensive as hell only to be surprised that they only mange to get like 45 fps in the game they love. For me personally 27" @ 1440p is the sweetspot. 2. Panel type, take some time to get to know the three big types of LCD-panels available: IPS, VA & TN. I personally always get an IPS, cheaper screens usually are of TN type. I won't explain in too much depth about the three since I can write a book about them and its easily researched with the all mighty google. In short IPS has better viewing angles and better color reproduction and more, TNs have really low respons time which usually translates to a bit clearer image when things are moving fast on screen. It usually comes down to price in the end when it comes to what you'll choose. Knowing the difference between the technologies will help you make a better choice of which disadvantages you can manage because they all have something that they are not as good at as the others. 3. Make sure those Hz are real, there are a lot of screens that fake it with interpolation and frame skipping.
  7. Apple is s***

    China phones FTW! Want a lot of bang for ya buck. Purchase some weird high specced phone on dx.com, gearbest or something like that :) I purchased a Doogee MIX and it's awesome :)
  8. That's quite awesome I must say. Btw, Dark Souls is an amazing game. Gotta make a new playthrough soon xD
  9. Don't aim for ranks, if I get to great synergy with a team then I will have reached my goal. Ranks will probably just come natural as a result of that. :D Besides, I've got 3 smurfs in RL and they are as good as my main or better. Mostly I just play casuals to train on my awareness and consistency. Need to start play RL again though, RLCS soon gotta start getting guuuud :P
  10. Besides what everyone else is recommending with training packs, I would like to pitch in just being in regular training mode and hitting the ball around and trying to start an airdribble from different scenarios: From ground, walls and different angles of approach.
  11. I've been invited to join Migz and Dizz for RLCS S5. :) Will be interesting to see how it goes xD
  12. AMD or NVIDIA?

    NVIDIA ftw :)
  13. Taco's?

    You must make them really well since its so famous it belongs to you ;) "Whos taco is that?" "Can't you see? That's MelsTaco!"
  14. Taco's?

    I love Taco's! There's always so many choices for every one you make so I can't get tired of it :D