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  1. Ah yes, I'm going to finally be a member. After my 1 month delayed initiation.
  2. Eh, I kinda it kinda just felt a little bland. But I'm not too sure on changing it though. But you're right, be yourself, and I think I'll be keeping it longer periods of time. :)
  3. Welp that doesn't fully answer what I was going for :P, I should have given it more emphasis on how I wrote that. The Real question was to ask the community here if I should change my name to something else or keep it when I have the choice when I'm a full-member? I mean, it kinda feels bland. But also kinda good and simple, But I'm thinking for possible candidates for my new name --> (Panchito, Dez, AZHer, Hdez)
  4. Looks like that ended, anyways. I was going to ask if I should change my name to something else, Anyone agree or disagree?
  5. Welp, I'm ready to copy pasta my previous application that was supposed to be used last cohort. Thanks for the heads up! :D
  6. Psst! What's the answer to #6??
  7. He means Internet Service Provider I think :P
  8. Ayy! two more Californians! NorCal over here!
  9. Get well soon! @Aerospace
  10. I don't blame you, PUBG is an addicting game. I would reinstall it once I get the specs to run it and the devs' would at least try to optimize it for low-end PCs. I'm also reallly into the Second World War kind of stuff, (Not because of COD WWII) To specifically what I really like is the Eastern Front and a bit of the Western Front as well. What kinda shocked me more earlier last year is that I was able to recover my great grandfather's picture when he was a U.S. Army Private. Luckily he had been honorably discharged due to the fact he had suffered tuberculosis before he was going to be shipped off to Okinawa. If he didn't get Tuberculosis and was shipped to Okinawa, chances are of him living and me being here today is really slim. Feels pretty amazing :D although the difference about this is that I don't die. I've heard a ton about Life is Strange, Skyrim ( A little late, but Congrats on that Switch port!), and Final Fantasy. Although I will say, Final Fantasy has some kick ass music! But sometime I would love to try out one of the FF series since I also do like RPG games. Basically kinda what I do, but also advise team mates on what to do and what not to do in certain situations. (Thankfully there's a quick chat option when one of us can't be on the mic when the ball and the other team's cars zooming beside you to shoot.) and recently I recruited the only person that I play really well together in team A before we got into DI @TheScrapin8r . On the brighter side I got to meet amazing people for the two months I've spent here, like majority of Division V, Division XIX, and Division VII before the divisions split when we were just a whole family in Division V. Gladly, I'm not only in Division XIX since 90% of us here in Rocket League NA are all initiates, except the ones that I was with in the last cohort and are now members. Heh, funny thing is my dog usually gets commonly mistaken for being a girl, but I don't blame it. He's wearing a light red collar that kinda looks like it's pink. For the small dog he is, he's pretty loud for his breed. (Lhasa Apso/ Shih tzu mix). Now I just gotta remember his birthday next month or the day I rescued him off the streets when he was a stray back in 2012. Anyways, it just saddens me so mad that your neighbors are complete assholes to pressure your mother to take her to the shelter. From your neighbor's point of view they think "Oh! it's a Pitbull it's going to shred our faces off or something along the lines of that. We must get rid of the animal before someone get's hurt!." What the idiots forgot is that dogs can be trained, they can be trained to do and what not to do. It's like having to take care of a toddler, you have to teach it the do's and don'ts before it goes out into the real world.
  11. 1. Are there any games you want me to add or remove to the list that I included in your profiles? Red Orchestra 2/ Rising Storm, Cuphead (Really fun game. Once you beat the damn boss that's been murdering the precious cup you possessed over a hundred plus times.) 2. How long have you been playing video games and which games have most impacted you? It's kinda sad how I wasted 2,300+ hours on CSGO, and TF2 combined on steam, and I'm nearing my 1,000th hour on Rocket League. Kinda explains I have no life and have a lot of free time. 3. Are there certain genres or types of games that you are attracted to, and what are they? Basically any kind of game you put at my plate. I'm sure I'll like it. (Except excruciating CGI games like Bad Rats' Revenge or games like Dream Daddy, and so on..) 4. Have you ever improved on a weakness you had in a competitive video game, and how did you do it? Yep, I really improved on reading my other player's movements and characterized them in my head for Rocket League. One of them is when literally the player is too,relax on what they're doing so I just rush them out of their comfort zone until I get a goal out of it. Two, is when usually the player is dribbling the ball I would usually always know where and when is he going to cut the ball to the side or pop it up about to and try to score from it, (thanks to all the generic players that literally do the same thing. 5. What is your favorite thing to get at a coffee/tea/pastry shop? Vanilla Bean Frappuccino from Starbucks, with a side of Lemon pound cake... xc Man they were good! 6. Do you have anything going on in life? Anything eating you up? ie, how are you (for real)? School is going to kick my ass as soon as my winter break is over next week. My older brothers are finally cooperating together after a year and a half, (I really enjoy seeing! :D). I'm gradually getting better as being the more directive type of player in Rocket League to direct me and my team mates into success. Lastly, I have to take care of this little rascal. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jKEBP-EaWYqG-KcQluBkW_poO9UX0RYv/view?usp=sharing FUN FACT: in my neighborhood Home Owner's Association tried screwing me and my family over because before I had moved in the house there was a sign that said "Beware of Dog" and they tried to take my dog to the pound. In retaliation I took this picture and sent it to my mother to send it to the HOA and we got that repealed immediately.
  12. I need a better headset!!!

    I got these Logitech G230's, without a doubt they're good for their price range. I snagged them in 2016 around a sale. I would say the blue variant, (G430) most likely wouldn't make a better difference besides color.
  13. For those in the market for a new keyboard....

    Perfect for my competitive Rocket League/CSGO games! thanks. I can now hit all the aerials and bhop like I never did before.
  14. Apple VS Windows gaming pc

    Windows, c'mon it's the easiest decision here. I do hope someone doesn't game on a Mac here, the true horrors.