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  1. Sweden losing to Germany. What has this world become?

    1. Razgriz


      Bettman!!!!!!! *shakes fist angrily at the heavens*

    2. chathesilver


      ww3 once germany becomes leader again


  2. Adult life incoming... 

    1. Raptor


      I've become a tinder addict, I have felt very manly ever since I became it :D

    2. Asteroid


      Can one really be addicted to tinder?

  3. Any craft beer enthusiasts in DI?

    I'm only like 70 beers myself, so still pretty brand new. Added your recommendations to the list. Some great stouts I would recommend are (clickable): Jet Black Heart by Brewdog Stay Puft by Tiny Rebel Gift by Boundary
  4. Completing one daily quest = 50vbucks so that's 350 per week. However, you also have some side missions that give you X vbucks. For example, defending certain missions can give you 100-150 vbucks, doing event quest can grant you 50vbucks per quest and there may be several of them, doing other stuff such as filling out your collection book can grant you between 100-500 vbucks. So if you spend long enough, you can definitely farm. You can easily get like 2k within your first few weeks due to some early missions being vbuck heavy.
  5. It's more you have to defend something for X minutes, or destroy something in X minutes, or find something in X minutes, that kinda thing. There are special events occasionally and the Christmas one was like survive 3/7 days against the zombies. Yes, so there's a quest line which are your main missions. There are also Daily missions which are the ones you get V-bucks for, there are side quests where you get random rewards for drops from the zombies, event missions when events are going on and so on and so forth.
  6. Any craft beer enthusiasts in DI?

    Oh finally. A beer discussion. Would recommend getting the app Untappd (I am not sponsored or anything :D ), you can basically keep a record of all the beers you have tried, it's a Vivino for beer. Helps you keep track and reminds you of your favourites. As a bonus, I got a free case of 10 craft beers (had to pay postage though) for Christmas via them as well. Very useful. @HelterSkeletor, a fellow stout drinker, how intriguing. The best I've had was Spaghetti Western by Brewfist in Belgium, albeit an Italian beer was my favourite from that trip and remains as the best I've ever had. Sadly, I have been recently notified that it was a limited edition and is no longer available which makes me sad but I will persevere and hopefully find it one day :D
  7. Hit me up if you see me on in TS, I can giff you some weapons. PvE = player versus environment. It's basically the quest line for Fortnite where you and 3 others do missions against husks (zombies).
  8. 24 hours of travel incoming...


    1. mema224


      RIP That's never fun

  9. Of course you use a gun with which you don't need any aim. Pleb.
  10. 1. Playing with Sally. 2. See above. 3. See above. 4. This whole new crosshair disappearing shite.
  11. 29, 26, 172 Would be higher if I didn't have to play with Sally all the time...