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  1. Songs That Make You: Move/Feel/Cry/Dance

    "Getting Along" by Royal Republic / Move / My ears had enough time to almost forget about this song and hearing again was euphoric. I just want to sing along and jump around with this feel good song and I hope you feel the same
  2. Music tastes?

    I find best not to limit myself to specific genre, although there are a few exceptions as to which genres of music that I don't listen too, such as screamo and country Basically go through playlist on youtube, discover weekly and new release radar on spottily and just add what you love to your playlist. My current resume centers around alternative, alt rock, trap music, and some other weird stuff sprinkled in between
  3. My music

    I can definitely see this content at its current state in several indie games for boss fights or ambiance, keep up the good work and I am glad to see that DI is gaining more talented initiates.
  4. Your Favorite Song

    Makes me sad every time I listen to it but I love it just the same
  5. Song of the Day

  6. Wallpapers

    My current computer background "Stay Rusty" - ShadowFrax
  7. Just wondering if any one had any good advice as to start my path to becoming a decent artist (using pencils and pens) cause outside of my stick figures and terrible attempts at drawing I am not sure as to where I should go from there. Feel free to include as to how you started out and how you keep your skill sharp and improve upon it.
  8. Cold

    Same, having fun in Maine right now
  9. Do you trust people who listen to country?

    God No, I respect your taste but its not for me
  10. What song are you obsessed with right now?

    Love this one
  11. Inspiration

    Glad to hear you're having a good time here with the rust division and DI
  12. Favorite game soundtrack?

    Undertale, Skyrim, and Darksouls