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  1. I went from 1 XP to 278 XP... I guess I really missed the lesson on XP or something?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Stany1


      You know I was going to say "Now you have 1 XP! :D" But I can't figure out how to donate XP to you @Silicate

    3. Paddy


      Yeah the VP order is handing them out, we have over 70,000 exp to hand out so there will be delays.

    4. Stany1


      Oh no I'm not complaining @Paddy I just thought it was funny with the sudden jump

  2. Ayy nice nice but trying to put words in my mouth tsk tsk tsk
  3. I'll be at the top for sure man! Just coach me there :P
  4. O rip I'm sorry about the toxic guy ;-, but at least those games went well for ya! :D
  5. If a bronze 5 scares me away what kind of DI member would I be? It'll be cool to play some but just let me know when you want to play so I can play with ya; Those are all pretty good supports but make sure to focus on three at the most imo to get better at the game really quickly;
  6. Ooo lol and what bet did you make? I love betting!
  7. Who's Daddy? And don't be in gold be amazing! :D
  8. Members of Di who play League of Legends! Today I'll be introducing something new to everyone, in order to promote cooperation and create stronger bonds even more within DI there will be a monthly quest! I'll be naming these quests "Facing Our Destiny" since we're all going to be working together to complete these; Those who complete the quest will earn an Honor Star! This month's quest will be Complete your placement matches and then go up a rank! Once you complete this quest message me in a pm on the forums with your username and a fact about you so I can give you the Honor Star after making sure you completed the quest! I hope everyone who plays league can work together to complete the quest, good luck to everyone and here's hoping we all do well in the new season! Ranking with other members of DI in flex/duo would be recommended but not a necessity!
  9. Hmm we might be able to but we can check that out for next time unless more people would want that
  10. Hello everybody who plays League of Legends! Division XI's own member @GiveItToMeBaby is going to be hosting a 1v1 tournament! It is open to all players, sign up here: https://sites.google.com/view/1v1-tournament/home The original post is here: Thank you to everyone who has read this post and I hope to see you all at the tournament! Lets put on a good show alright?
  11. Ayyy nice! Anything interesting happen in em?
  12. You have to go in thinking you're either going to win it all or lose horribly; I believe in you!