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  1. these 2 should not be used straight into ranked unless you actually KNOW how to play a champion if you wanna use a champion that is the best to play in a patch learn the champion first playing something thats the *best* doesn't mean its your best at all
  2. How to get a girl to like you

    the fact you can't handle people joking around is a bit juvenile and gross as hell and seriously you wanna know what acting friendly gets you being friends pretty sure that is not what the post was about you need to learn how to relax and have a good time like everyones having a good time joking around and you jump in like some juvenile flipping a table over a joke if you don't like the topic then stay out of it there is all types of topics your not gonna like people are allowed to joke around if we had to not post because (someone) didn't like a post we wouldn't be allowed to post about anything pretty much go find a topic you like and have some fun for once in your life the fact we have to be told to let something die because 1 childish person can't joke around is retarded as fk btw so can i act like this kid and go to every topic I don't like and cry and wine and make them let it die to? we acting like 5 year olds in this forum?
  3. ill try it after work in the morning just did a late night till 10:30pm now i go in at 10am so im not really playing tonight