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  1. Aight. I'll try it after I get a shiny furfrou which would probably take awhile because I'm on a dry streak :s (1254 FS no shiny + 488 SOS chain failed yesterday).
  2. Is there a catch rate reduction for using a regular Pokeball like if you use BB for non UB? I like all my shiny on a regular ball
  3. Shiny nidoqueen. Change it to purple. Why is it green anyway? 😑
  4. Daaaaammmnnn. I just realized I don't think I've SR for any legendary that you have to catch ever. Roto catch = *2.5 catch rate OP indeed.
  5. 66 FS. This one is a reclaim. 747 FS My 100th shiny! 113 SOS plus the low low cost of a large portion of my soul 365 FS 600 FS Sorry about that. I don't want to spam the thread so I bundle it together. The one you quoted was a special case though. I didn't want to post until I got what I wanted (Nidoran-M) but everytime I got bored I'd SOS instead so it ended up with 11 shiny in 1 post 😅 good thing I finally got it, adding the 11th picture made the post quite laggy for me.
  6. If you don't want to mention the harvest + skill swap that's fair but switching caller every now and then is basic SOSing that should be mentioned. Good luck SOSing something like Delibird without switching the caller. Are you making a guide for yourself or others? 😐 I'll just put this here since it's still on topic of checking HA: you can also check the ability using Entrainment, Simple Beam and Worry Seed.
  7. Few things: -You misunderstood the serebii link you posted. That link shows you the Pokémon that are only obtainable by SOS. Here's the link for pokemon that could call in SuMo and here's the link for USUM. - Please add a space between the end of a link and the ")". None of the links you gave worked because the ")" are treated as part of the link. - Caller struggled itself to death: false swipe the helper and knock out the old caller after some time to switch the caller. Even better solution : Trevenant holding a leppa berry + harvest ability + skill swap + trick = no more worrying about caller's PP. Also possible with exeggcute + harvest + bestow but I prefer Trevenant. - Wouldn't it be faster if you chain it to 30 first then start checking the hidden abilities?
  8. http://pokemon.com/legendary February : Palkia/Dialga March : Heatran/Regigigas April : Raikou/Entei May : Xerneas/Yveltal June : Shiny Zygarde July : Tornadus/Thundurus August : Groudon/Kyogre September : Latios/Latias October : Reshiram/Zekrom November : Ho-oh/Lugia
  9. Sent! Please dispose it properly after you're done with it :D
  10. I'm confused. Can anyone enter for this week or just the previous winners?
  11. 746 SOS. Last one I need. Gonna try for male nidoran next. I want a blue nidoking *-* 600 horde encounters and no shiny but I got this after 42 SOS so that's nice. 85 SOS. No, I'm not avoiding those hordes. 285 SOS. Okay, I might be avoiding the hordes for a bit. Too sleepy for horde so I went SOSing instead. 50 SOS. 1077 horde encounters. Not the one I'm looking for but it's okay. 1 horde later. 1/5 chance. I'm not sure how I feel about this. 233 SOS. Will try for more hordes later. 92 SOS. Running out of excuse for not doing more horde. 1082 hordes. Now I'm the danger zone of getting an extra :( Finally!!! 102 hordes later. Almost resorted to catch a female one and pretend it's a shiny male because I started to lose hope. I don't think I could do this 2 more times though ;-;
  12. @Ventias I hope I sent it to the right person lol forgot to ask your IGN
  13. Sure. Want it to be in other language too (for masuda)?