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  1. What anime made you cry hard.

    MAYBE SPOILERS (Clannad) Alright ladies and gents, time to get that emotional side out and share with the family what anime made you break down and weep. I’m talking you have to pause it because the tears are everywhere and you can’t see. For me I had a few of those moments in Clannad Season 2. Just the intense heartbreaking moments the main character goes through made me break down and waterfall from my eyes.
  2. MyAnimeList

    If you have a myanimelist account and have some sort of list started feel free to post it in here for all to see. This way people can get a grasp of what you like and don’t, aswell as maybe find a large list of new anime they’d be interested in seeing. If you use something else or keep a note document updated on your computer don’t be afraid to post those as well. I like to think I have a good amount of time spent watching anime and have built a reasonably sized list. With this I also would love to hear about any favourites you might have or if we share similar tastes! https://myanimelist.net/animelist/TurtleRusher
  3. What do you collect?

    For me I collect pop figures that interest me (mostly anime related). What about you, what do you collect? This is about half my collection, need to get another shelf going.
  4. PRO Scrim Thursday (Invite Only)

    Damage Inc vs participants at the tournament with invites only. Time: 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM Est Date: Thursday, December 14, 2017 Match Result: TBD Team Members @TheAdidas @Frueh @rich69bp @IamWulf @GonzoTheGonz @Cowboy88 Good luck to Team A Competitive!
  5. PRO Scrim Thursday (Invite Only)

    Changed Status to Finished Changed Team scores to na Changed Opponent scores to na
  6. Armageddon Week 3

    Damage Incorporated vs participants at the tournament. Time: 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM Est Date: Friday, December 15, 2017 Match Result: TBD Team A lead by @TheAdidas and Team D lead by @Dracas will be participating in this weeks Armageddon hosted by vVv Gaming Good luck to Team A and Team D Competitive!
  7. Top 3 favorite Anime?

    1. One piece 2. Clannad season 2 3. Your name This is all subject to change since I have a very hard time deciding favourites when it comes to things. I have a MAL and even there I have a good portion of anime rated 10/10 aha.
  8. What is everyones favorite Disney movie?

    Either Hercules since it was a childhood classic for me or the new movie Coco. Coco actually blew me away in terms of visuals, it’s has to be one of Disney’s best looking films!
  9. Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece for sure!
  10. LONG TERM ANIME LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eastern European Time?
  11. Weird Anime Stuff

    Got any weird anime videos, pictures, songs, cracks even anime in general youd like to share? Well post away and let's see what you all got!
  12. LONG TERM ANIME LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I for one, am very interested in this idea, all week nights after 4pm est are free for me! 12 episodes sounds best and I am open to almost any genre of anime so whatever anyone is interested in watching <3
  13. what anime sites do you use?

    How is MasterAnime in terms of quantity? Do they have lots of anime even some of the slightly unknown ones?
  14. The elf arc wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t good. It was like one of those movies you see the trailer for and go “ya I’m just gonna pirate that and watch while I do homework” kind of arcs.
  15. 2017 Game Awards

    Ah I gotcha, I’m sorry to hear you don’t feel that Zelda deserved the awards it got. I am however glad you do enjoy these awards! 😊
  16. 2017 Game Awards

    Hey you’re entitled to your opinion and I appreciate it. There’s a lot of people that enjoy these awards and think they’re pretty cool, as well as people like you who don’t care for them. Although calling them “complete shit and beyond that” is maybe a little to much aha.
  17. 2017 Game Awards

    I’m kinda glad PUBG didn’t just win things because of the hype it has. Zelda was a fanomanal game and in my opinion was a great choice for winning the awards it got. As for other games like cuphead that I’ve never played but seen glimpses of, I don’t really know how I feel about them. As well, I didn’t realize they had categories for eSports player and Team But was surprised when I saw Faker and Cloud9. Both fantastic but weird that they choose such different choices.
  18. Hmm, I’ll have to look into it after work because removing 8x on AR’s is probably good for balancing but I still like the ability to have the option haha. I check info on the test servers as well so I try and keep myself up to date. If they nerf the M16 then the mini14 will be looking a lot better since it seems to have fallen off compared to its previous patches.
  19. Did I miss that in the patch notes? Do you mind sending me the link to where you found this out?
  20. I don’t see anything about that in the test server patch notes. I do however see that all AR’s will now be reasonably accurate up to 300m!
  21. As an update to my current progress I have moved from the scar to the M16. The M16 has done me better and it has been a more useful tool to me than the automatic 5.56 weapons. I still will take an AK as a secondary for close to semi medium range as it’s damage is highly praised.
  22. It has to much? Can you explain how it having such high bullet velocity would be worse than if it was lower? I’d still prefer an automatic weapon like the AK close range or even a shotgun depending if I’m building crawling. M14 in general is killer, but it definitely is loud as heck! My thoughts on it now thanks to current patches is that it’s pretty much a longer range m16 without burst. I would still take it opposed to the Kar98 due to the fact that I’m actually not a kar98 fan.
  23. Hello everyone and thank you for letting me join

    Welcome to DI! If you haven’t already found out there are plenty of people readily looking to play. You can always message people on teamspeak as everyone here tends to be pretty damn awesome. I look forward to seeing you around and playing some games with you.
  24. Who is your anime waifu?

    The meme is strong with this one. Sadly Mr. Baxter is regarded as a Husbando so I’d ask you to pick a waifu.
  25. I have started an event in the calenders for Pubg Strat Roulette! If you don't know what it is, basically you go to the site I have in the events detail or further down in this post, roll for random rules and play your game with those in set. I have found this to be tons of fun, challenging and can even improve your gameplay. The rules tell you what weapons, armor, medical supplies and even what vehicles you are limited to using. They have drop zone rules as well as special rules which can spice up your game, or turn it into a wonderful nightmare. I am looking to make this a weekly event for anyone to come and enjoy and I hope many of you will attend this weeks first Strat Roulette!!!! Strat Roulette: http://pubgstratroulette.com/