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  1. Of course, nothing beats have OP gear and amazing position just mowing down prey muahaha!

    That's pretty cute, do we have a DI minecraft server that I didn't know about?
  3. The most awesome thing you have cooked lately?

    This is the easy stuff lol, I took a few baking and cooking courses trying to decide my future. Love culinary arts to much to make it a job though so I just make awesome dishes for eating!
  4. I'll take one fat ass McRib please!

    Exactly, I used to have a Loot crate anime subscription and the posters from that are actually pretty nice! Wall scrolls aren’t half bad either, in my opinion though you can’t really have regular posters and scrolls side by side as it looks weird.
  5. Who is the best Sailor Soldier?

    Maybe Spoilers: Setsuna/Sailor Pluto. Not only is she stylistically my favorite, as well as having the Garnet Rod which is my favorite weapon of the sailors, but her duties are also the most intense, in my opinion. Guarding the door of Space-Time and powers of the underworld. That's some high-class stuff. She also does the most noble thing and sacrifices herself to save the rest of the senshi by breaking the taboos. She is also the oldest and most mature, which I like about her character. And she seems to have appreciation for everyone and that shows a lot of respect. Edit: here’s a good read on my girl if your interested ;) http://screwattack.roosterteeth.com/post/51231592
  6. I'll take one fat ass McRib please!

    If you have an open wall then posters are definitely pretty cool! Outfits are awesome if you find quality ones and I’ve had a couple body pillows but there not my thing.
  7. How much time do you spend a day on DI forum.

    Oh I much prefer it on the desktop as well, but I do home renovations and property maintenance so I don’t really have a computer to use whilst working :P So many people have brought up getting an app but I don’t think that’ll actually happen sadly. GIMMIE PUSH NOTIFICATIONS, lol that an a nice easy to use layout would be heaven!
  8. I'll take one fat ass McRib please!

    Aaannnndddd Chicken Nuggies is now my new term for nuggets. Thank you for literal gold!
  9. I'll take one fat ass McRib please!

    Watch out, Funko Pop Figures are pretty sweet but if you’re like me you might get carried away. Any merch your interested in or have an idea of what you’d like to get?
  10. Subs or Dub

    Subs are what I prefer, there just so much better. The only reason I ever watch it in dub is if it’s an anime I don’t care about, doing something else and not concentrating on the screen or using it as background noise.
  11. Suicune, Gorgeous Pokemon and my favourite type! Bad Ass +9 Latios and Latias, loved them in the movie and they are sweet looking in game!
  12. I'll take one fat ass McRib please!

    Look at my myanimelist if your looking for anime ;) Im bad though because I have a back order of like 20 anime I’m currently watching and need to finish as well as like 15 plan to watch that need to be put on my list. I’m a big anime fan myself, got a lot of merch/collectibles and even got my Straw Hat from One Piece signed by the voice actor of Luffy! We definitely need to talk anime sometime <3
  13. I'll take one fat ass McRib please!

    English Title : Food Wars Me and the girlfriend grinder this anime together and it’s actually pretty awesome! It’s a lot more interesting and funny then I first expected a cooking anime to be. As for this video you shared...what in the heck did I just watch haha. You’re right in that’s it’s actually pretty funny, I’ve never seen it before and lord was I missing out. Watch food wars Vegas!!! It’s so good 😊
  14. The most awesome thing you have cooked lately?

    I just made a pasta bake last night, was littered with chicken, Alfredo sauce and multiple layers of cheese! Baked Chicken Alfredo!
  15. Anything ranked or competitive has its fair share of toxic players. It’s just that games like league have an easy way for both teams to communicate (all chat). This results in allowing those toxic players to lash out at everyone even causing others to be toxic themselves back.