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  1. So, I was wondering, with so many members in Damage Incorporated, who is able to create YouTube intros? I kind of need one at the moment since the old one I use can't be uploaded anymore. If anyone can help, please reply below and I will get to all those who replies.
  2. Video Production: Looking for help

    Thanks for the advice, although I am learning how to use Cinema 4D, which can create intros and such. But I just don't have enough time to learn and create one at the same time, since I have videos to edit. But thanks so much @Vegas
  3. Best Games on Steam

    Recently, I have been bored, what are some good games that are on Steam? Please help out, thanks guys.
  4. Best Games on Steam

    Tried it lol
  5. Leave before you regret sinking into this hole of League of Legends. Once you keep playing, oh my god... good luck to you in the future.
  6. Division XI Coaching

    Division XI Coaching This is post is to noticed all members of Division XI We now have a new system of Coaching within the Division Introducing our new One on One coaching sessions All members who wants to become a Coach shall PM directors of this system: For General Information: @HarryPickles For Student or Coach Application: @Sif00 All members who want to be coached shall PM all accepted Coaches All coaches who have received Student's applications shall PM @Sif00 before starting session All accepted Coaches are as Follows (Will Change Constantly): Stany1, All positions, Platinum II Cerber42, Mid, Gold V Shockazooloo, Mid, Diamond IV Coralialia, Mid, Jungle, Support, Platinum III Pandamonii, Jungle, Adc, Platinum IV Arixia, Support, Mid, Gold II Twofold, All positions, Platinum I
  7. What food are you craving RIGHT NOW

    I need some curry right now...
  8. Division XI Coaching

    Alright then.
  9. Division XI Coaching

    If enough people wants to get coached, there will be people for you to coach, since all coaches are limited to three students even though it is one on one coaching.
  10. Division XI Coaching

    What are you talking about? o.o
  11. Division XI Coaching

    Indeed Stany, all of those who believes that they should improve on League of Legends should not hesitate and go message one of the above coaches!
  12. A post like no other

    Lol, Good luck Sif
  13. Food

    There is one too many food that I love, but the best would have to be spam musubi.
  14. A post like no other

    Casual A team man, Ya'll see, Sif is a man that has great communication skills, but lacks the basic knowledge of how to make a cookie. So if all of you from Casual A has any questions he is not the guy that you guys are looking for.
  15. To be honest, farm like a god and you win lol Annnnnd because ADC mostly tends to get "fed" through cs more than kills.
  16. The best tip you will ever get in League of Legends: Play to learn
  17. Zed mains, they tend to like to joke around a lot, and I like them.
  18. First, go and find something that you are good at in League Then, abuse that factor Example: Good at CS, go ADC Then, pick a champion that you would want to play at least 2,500 matches on.
  19. 1. Watch full gameplay of professionals. 2. Ask my coach lol 3. Play with people that are at least one-two tiers above you 4. Accept that you are the elo that you are at 5. Play to learn, not play to win
  20. Ahhh I see how it is, maybe I should try her out myself and see what's to come