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  1. Congrats on commander ;) 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Chantal


      Thanks guys! <3

      Also, Sif00, talking about the SBBBB... I was recently looking for it but couldn't find it anymore :/ Where did it go?!

    3. Sif00


      I had to remove it so that it would not create confusion, for now, but I shall put it back once the sexier version is don- pinned ofcourse:D

    4. Chantal


      Cool, I'll keep an eye on it then. :D

  2. I’ll steal that aswell ;)
  3. I would say @OverwatchTho so I can steal his position as a general ;)
  4. That’s what I’ve been told lmao ;) just told them stop being soft ;)
  5. Check steam ;)

    1. Nazo


      Sorry I didn't check :(

  6. Every one says @AFDragon or @GreatJackal or @Nechtmarrie lol. But it the way you talk to people how they reply back to you ;) If your a dick they will be a dick back, If you give respect most of the time you will get respect back ;)
  7. STA

    No probs that’s why we are here to help ;) need anything else pm me and I’ll do my best 👍
  8. STA

    @Deathgun Hello dude, I seen that you need to go on sta you need to check this forum out. https://di.community/forum/17-vacation-absence-requests/ And you would need to read this thread aswell and it tells you how to make the post and what to put in it. Link Below ,
  9. home alone

    May i ask how old are you, I think i was 10 or something and just played games lol
  10. I'm Stitch, and no, I haven't seen Lilo ;)

    Welcome to di buddy, hmm Another Rocket league elite, you must be champion rank :P well played dude
  11. Nice job dude @HappyHellmann But we need more videos :)
  12. Good luck ;) Hopefully you’ll get the people to do it ;)
  13. Happy New Year From Bruno my Doggy


  14. Hello guys and gals, Guides help you play better when your either soloing or in a duo or maybe playing a squad but check out this guys guides as their are 100% worth every look