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  1. Star Citizen Players in DI?

    I own it and ive played it like 3 times but i dont have any friends who play it
  2. Genji or tracer. maybe widow if the mercy doesn't respect sight lines
  3. Tracer is probably the best hero in the game because of her high damage output and virtually limitless skillcap
  4. Philly fusion gang gang shadowburn and carpe are gods
  5. Can we return di exchange items?

  6. razer mouse vs logitech mouse

    Im just really annoyed with the clueless brand wars here as im really into collecting mice and this triggers me alot
  7. razer mouse vs logitech mouse

    Why does everyone argue about brands and just look for a mouse with a good shape and sensor. Why does everyone look at brands. Just watch rocketjumpninja on youtube, who inspired my mouse guide in general discussion. Please don't argue over which brand is better.
  8. Music Videos that Tell Great Stories

    Im gonna cry from this
  9. How long is a Longbow?

    orange dollar bill
  10. somebody reacted to ... your status update... please stop reacting negatively to my status update. all I said was "noob" and i log on and suddenly have -6 rep. It really makes me sad, and I don't enjoy that I now have a bad image on the forums because of this rep. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say it. Just because its anonymous doesn't mean its okay. 

  11. Can I not get bad rep for shitposting in MY profile. ITS MY STATUS, IF YOU DON"T LIKE IT IDC AT ALL JUST DON"T RUIN MY DAMN REP

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    2. Vegas
    3. Toffee


      thanks for adding something positive THAT DOESN"T FRICKING RUIN REP i really appreciate it @Vegas <3

      TYSM VEGAS now im only -5

    4. DrPhilandChill


      Yeah, well the shitposts on your profile are public on the front page for hours so what do you expect