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  1. I play all 5 :) Go ahead and add me on if on EUW: Psclly edit: Dia 2
  2. Like said before twice, wait for new runes. The game is definitely worth picking up, there are so many new cool features and champions, and a ton of champs were reworked :)
  3. I see where you're going xD Thing is, Cho is super situational. There are a lot of games where picking him is not the right choice, and you really need to be careful when you pick him. When hes playing well however against an easy team, he's a beast in that comp, but make sure you can flex that top pick to different champs aswell..
  4. As far as I know, the new rune system is actually way LESS complex. I never really understood the point of runes, they made differences you couldn't even see in game, and now they're finally being impactful and noticeable in-game. The new champs are actually a lot less complex than older ones. While the crafting system is flawed, it definitely adds a good element to the game, which is also very benificial for people who don't have the money to pay for skins. Also, to make the game simpler, Riot is merging blue essence with IP. Also, they're merging masteries and runes, so you now don't have to constantly keep them apart and look at both pages all the time. The bottomline is that even though the changes may seem complex, it's just because you need to get used to the new system, because you were used to an actually more complex old system. There are a ton of changes that actually help out new players. It's true that a lot of masteries need to be reëxplored by a lot of people, but Riot is definitely doing a good job on making the game better for everyone, and making sure old features are thrown off the table to make place for modern ones.
  5. By doing this tactic I actually won 5 games (out of 10), so it can be effective, but it only works half of the time
  6. Good to know that writing a full essay was worth it :D That's actually a good question, mid or top.. My first answer would definitely be top, and I don't think I will change it either. You see, if you look at the current midlane meta, you'll see a lot of counters to Vladimir. vlad's counter is consistant pressure on being oneshot. If you look at this site: https://rankedboost.com/lol-tier-list-solo-queue/ You'll see that in the god-tier list there are 3 midlaners: Azir, Katarina and Zed. While Zed is definitely an OK matchup for vlad, the other 2 definitely are not. When vlad wants to poke the enemy laner with a single Q, thats enough time for Azir or Katarina to just unleash a small combo on vlad. You see, Vlad's Q, like I said, has a pretty underestimated cast time. In the time that Vlad goes into range for a Q, azir can W-Autoattack-Q-Autoattack for a thunderlords proc, which will chunk you for 1/3 of your HP, and if you ever get too close, he can just E into you and instantly start bursting you down, since you have very high cooldowns at level 1-11. Same goes for Katarina, while you are able to get a Q and E off, her mobility allows her to dodge your E if shes quick enough, while still throwing out great combos here and there. A good matchup for vlad on the other hand in the midlane would probably be someone like maybe Lux or even possibly Syndra, because he can nicely interupt their all-in with his pool, but those champions are not exactly high on the tier list, and aren't played very frequently (Lux and Syndra are both C tiers.) He can heal their poke (lux only has E for poke, which has a big cooldown and you can easily dodge some and simply heal up), and therefore outsustain and farm and scale up, but in this meta Vlad mid doesn't exactly look promising in most of the matchups, and this is mostly due to his short range and long cooldowns early. In toplane this is very different. You'll see tanks and frontliners, bruisers etc, who have long cooldowns, with almost no range. While dashy champs like Riven or yasuo are a problem for Vlad, the fact that the tanks in the lane simply can't do anything against Vlad gives him the oppurtunity to simply farm and outscale super hard, and when he has magic Pen, he can simply split in the sidelanes, since instead of ghost, he'll have TP, which means a lot of splitpushing and cross-map plays. Not having ghost is compensated by Stormraider's surge, and in the end, Top vlad will output a lot more damage overall than mid vlad :)
  7. Rylai's seems like a valid option. Personally I don't see Rylai's as a super-insane item you always have to take, but sometimes it may actually prove useful. It definitely is a good item on Vlad, and cannot be counted out. Like I said, the 6th item is by choice and situation, and there are a lot of extra possibilities (Heck, I've even built Righteous Glory once with succes..), and Rylai's is definitely also an option, especially when you have to kite or are against a lot of immobile tanks (Rylai's is really strong against E.G chogath who needs to walk into your team to deal damage). Death Fire Touch is a good keystone aswell. It definitely will increase your lane poke, but you can only ever take it if your team is capable of kiting with you with disengage abilities or shields/heals, because when you are using DFT, you miss out on the movement speed from stormraiders, and that can sometimes lead to you getting into situations you don't want to be. Vlad's main weakness is a lack of mobility, which stormraider's tries to compensate for, but DFT is definitely also an option, especially if you're a beginner and don't know how to teamfight well (if you don't know how to use stormraider's, there's no reason to take it), because it still provides good poke in lane, alongside with stronger lategame damage (and it synergizes with Liandry/Rylais). Thunderlords Decree is probably my number one "sounds good doesn't work" keystone. You see, to get a TD proc you need 3 attacks. The only 3 attacks you can usually get in lane are your Q, autoattack and E. It sounds quite nice at first, but Vladimirs job is to poke bit by bit and try to punish the enemy laner for stepping forward. Every time he pokes with Q, his enemy laner will fall back, it's what simply always happens. If the enemy laner wouldn't do that, he would get punished by vlad's E and a couple autoattacks. People who know that they can't stand forward too much will always back off when they need to, and since your still quite short-ranged, and your Q has a cast time, it's almost impossible to get TD procs off in lane consistantly, that's why DFT is so good: It's like extra damage in lane without having to use 3 attacks. (It's also the reason why DFT on pantheon was so good. People knew they couldn't step further because of his Stun>E>Q combo, so they constantly hung back, and when they accidentally took a Q, there was still no way for pantheon to get the full 3 ability combo, so DFT allowed Panth to still deal damage without having to hit 3 attacks.) In the lategame, I guess TD could get more consistent, but while vlad is quite a bursty champion, he also lacks building AP. TD Scales off of AP and AD (AD is obviously off the table), but Vlad doesn't exactly build much AP. He mainly builds magic penetration, and some tankiness with health (while health does convert into AP, it's not much). Usually your final build contains max 300-400 AP, so TD won't exactly do much. On everry single champion in the game, TD is a lot more favourable in the early game than in the lategame (E.G Riven who takes TD for early lane dominance, but Fervor for lategame scaling), because TD simply falls off lategame (just like assassins with TD). But Vlad wants to become stronger, not weaker. While TD provides some extra burst, the burst you get isn't exactly gamechanging, and I would definitely recommend DFT for an insanely better laning phase, and SRS for an insanely better lategame. The bottom line is: Sure, TD can be good, but there simply are muuch better options.
  8. When playing Vladimir, you should be looking to scale up. In some matchups, you will have good kill pressure in lane, so use that to your advantage and get free Q's off. Especially in lower elo's, getting your third Q off is very easy, and will definitely catch people off guard because of its insane damage. To start it off, I'd like to say that Stormraiders Surge will be your keystone of choice. The movement speed scales heavily into the lategame, and can make you practically unkillable in the lategame, since you can kite very nicely. In lane, try to focus on staying alive. Your job is to farm, scale, and steamroll. Use your Q to farm and sustain through poke. Against all-in champs, like Riven, make sure you take note of your pool cooldown. All-inners will usually use their whole combo (Like Zed's W-E-Q), to try and burn your pool. The thing is, when your pool is down, almost any damage-champion can oneshot you. Good Rivens, as soon as your pool is down, will all in you and oneshot you instantly. So if you screw up your positioning and have to burn your pool (which will happen quite a few times), make sure you stand back. Your rule of thumb while your pool is on cooldown should be that gold from minions can be missed. Just make sure you get the experience from them, but it's no problem to stay back and safe so you don't get all-inned. After your pool is active again, you can start safely farming again. But always stay safe, if the enemy Riven gets your health at 50%, and you have no potions, you're doomed to die at some point, since her execute ult will simply wreck you, and you can't Q the wave, since you'll get too close. You'll simply have to wait for the wave to come to your tower to sustain with your Q, or simply back. In the midgame, you'll most likely still be farming. You can look on the map to see if you can make any easy tp plays (when playing top, in mid, take ghost), but don't risk anything. You're a beginner, which means dying when tping to botlane will heavily impact your game. Only tp if the outcome is definitely in your favour. The rest of the midgame will be pushing your lane in with your E, and making sure the enemy can't roam. At this point, if you survived the early game, you can probably take the enemy laner on 1v1 in the lane, but don't tunnel-vision on trying to kill people. Your goal is to scale up to late. SImply push in waves, try to get perfect CS, and use the insanely low cooldown on your Q to keep sustaining. If your health is not 100%, and your Q is up, make sure you try to heal asap. Make sure that if the enemy laner decides to tp botlane or roam, you punish them by pushing in and chunking their tower. You're not a good tower pusher, because you don't build that much AP and your basic attacks are, well, basic, but chunking the tower 1 by 1 wil result in the tower falling at some point. In the lategame, you'll probably serve as a big carry for your team. Because of your pool, you're a nice counter to hard-engage champions, like Sejuani. Use your pool to deny your enemy's ultimates, but more importantly, to position yourself. Positioning will be very important in teamfights, since your main goal will be to kill squishies, but at the same time you have to stay alive. Don't underestimate your ultimate in teamfights. If you can land a 4-5 man ultimate, you must go in. In a perfect scenario, if you Q a minion twice, you'll charge up for your 3rd Q. After your 2nd Q, use your ultimate if you see an oppurtunity. Instantly follow up with either your protobelt, or an E-Pool combo (you can E first, then use W to keep charging E while untargetable), and flash into the enemy backline (if you have it up.) If you manage to get directly inside of the enemy team, all you have to do is use your E, 3rd Q, and then get the ult mark on a squishy adc, and theyre dead. After your full combo, you will have taken about 50% of your health from the enemy adc, but you'll instantly heal everything back up with your Q and 4 man ult (your ult heals more than you would think), if you're in trouble, simply use your Zhonyas, and let your team follow up. After that, you can simply kite around and finish off remaining enemies. Always understand that you can easily burst someone down, b ut if the oppurtunity isn't there, you can still dish out huge ammounts of damage to some squishy targets, but also tanks. If you have a liandry's tormet and a void staff, you can easily deal chunks of damage to tanks, and in that way you can charge up a 3rd Q and try to reach their b ackline again. Your standard build will be: (START with Dark Seal 3 Pots) Hextech Protobelt-01, Ninja Tabi, Liandry's Torment, Void Staff, Zhonya's Hourglass, and a 6th item depending on what you prefer (could be rabadons for more glass cannon, spirit visage for insane healing and overall resistances, or even an abyssal mask if your team has another strong Ap member who can dish out AoE damage when you go in). Hope this helped! If you have any questions, or if anyone disagrees with me, feel free to say so!
  9. Psclly's Intro!

    Thanks, I will! :)
  10. I personally had succes in a previous team with Riven+Ori combos. Basically, as Riven you take the summoner spell CDR, and you can flash-shockwave-windslash combo to 2v5. Along with those 2 picks we would usually take other disruptors and peelers. Sometimes we would have Gragas jungle, to peel for the adc and to bodyslam into the shockwave combo for more damage. Also a very great adc pick is Twitch, with some insane damage output it can definitely increase the combo power. As support I think Lulu is probably the best choice, but since lulu is banned a lot, we usually took Soraka, but it wasn't really the best pick. Sure, it helped Twitch through the laning phase a little, but I feel like if we had the chance we would probably take Braum. Currently with the ardent censer meta we're lacking an ardent censer in our comp, yet even without it I feel like this teamfight combo can be pretty strong. However, it has its downsides. For one, if Riven doesn't have flash, the combo becomes harder to pull off. Also, you're super reliant on a good ori ult. If ori misses ult, the fight is practically over. This comp requires some good coordination with your team, and is best suited for teams that are capable of surviving laning phases. If you can extent the game to 28 minutes or higher you can win every single teamfight if the enemy team is lacking good counters. However, this was Diamond Elo, I'm not sure how Masters or Challengers would react, but counter-engage champions like Janna can mess you up. If Janna has a good reaction timing and can counter Riven's flash with her ult, your combo is dead, so I recommend banning out Gragas (if youre not using him), Janna, and maybe a pick like Syndra (Syndra E can mess you up).
  11. Dang thats pretty insane, and I thought I was wasting my money.. How did you check your skin values though? (as said by the guy above me)
  12. Psclly's Intro!

    Hello DI community! As I always do on every forum, I'm introducing myself to the community. My name is Psclly, I'm a Diamond 2 League of Legends player, and I was sent here by my sister, who told me that if I wanted to get something done with a team, I'd have to come here. The reason I'm joining is because I'm really good at helping people out, explaining things, and generally playing the game. I'm always there to help anyone and everyone with anything, so if you have anything to ask, I'm here! Secondly, I'm looking for a competitive experience. I've had some experience in the past with playing in teams of 5, but it always seemed like my team wasn't compatible with me, and their mindset was really different, so I decided to quit, but now I'm looking for a new experience. I can stream, edit, create videos etc. So if someone could show me around the forums, and tell me where I'm supposed to go if I want to get into the competitive sides of things (I don't know what you guys do, but any event regarding LoL is totally welcome), that'd be awesome :) I'll see you guys around :D Psclly
  13. Diamond 2 Top/Jungle main here. I can answer any of your questions with detail. IGN: Psclly , EUW. Feel free to contact me :)
  14. Hi, nicely made, but I'd like to add one thing. Sometimes, winrate doesn't instantly describe how good you are and how much you can win. I personally have a 66% winrate on Camille, but people always need to watch out with what champions are OP at what times. I used Camille around release and after, when she was very strong, but afterwards I stopped using her because of the repetitive nerfs. While my Camille is good, I won't have a 66% winrate after a couple games if I were to play her now. Not sure if this is really the case for anyone else, but it might just be important to understand. Sometimes you can play broken champions for a while and get a high winrate, it doesn't mean you should keep playing them.