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  1. Ask your Valentine <3

    eh i guess ill just take @Jayflay then, oh well.
  2. Lol, we will make up 1/4 of the server populaation Zerg it up
  3. Does it really matter what mouse I use?

    yeah, that mouse looks pretty good. i guess when you are at the 80-100$ mouse budget range, its hard to find a bad mouse. Unless you buy from some no name brand
  4. Does it really matter what mouse I use?

    I have the logitech 403, isnt sensei a MMO mouse? correct me if im wrong tho
  5. Roleplaying

    the One thing that gets me Excited is roleplay. in rust
  6. Does it really matter what mouse I use?

    steel series 300 has also the same sensor, if you like their, down to the earth look... not a bad choice either. (same price)
  7. Does it really matter what mouse I use?

    I use a logitech 403, has a pretty good sensor, tracks up to 300 inches per second, and some acceleration force that I cant remember right now. Its pretty much the same as the logitech 502 but without all of the extra buttons.
  8. when you fire a bolty, it goes to the center of the screen, rather than where the cross hair is.
  9. Watermelon, because @Innari gave it to me :)
  10. Hi, globle elite here. Try and always pressure your opponents, for example if you are playing thresh, always try and go for the charged auto, or if you are playing blitz, camp in the bushes. Allow your adc to farm basicly. And play a few games of jg, know the jungle path so you can warn your adc to back off when enemy jger is bot side etc. if you know roughly when the enemy jg is about to gank, its much easier to ward...
  11. Dr's galactic Intoduction

    hey man, welcome to the family
  12. Mr. Suck Intro

    welcome again