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  1. This is really helpful man thanks. I've been focusing on my warding a lot more lately and noticed how useful it is to have all that vision
  2. What you listening to?

    He does have some severe talent that's for sure!
  3. What you listening to?

    You and your Bergersen My pick:
  4. 50 posts...

    Congrats buddy!
  5. Top 3 tv series

    Dude yes. Lucifer is amazing!
  6. Top 3 tv series

    Suits, Vikings and GoT are all amazing. My top 3 are probably Supernatural, How I Met Your Mother and Firefly.
  7. Berserk Manga

    So I've always heard about this story being amazing. More specifically I'd heard the manga was amazing and the anime was average. But I don't really read much manga. I'd rather watch the anime if I could.That being said I still thought I'd give it a go. This is literally one of the best things I've ever read. It's unbelievably brutal and shows real light on the horrible nature of humanity in medieval times. There are some mental battles and demons in true lovecraftian style, unimaginable monstrosities and conveys true hopelessness and fear in such a perfect way. The main guy goes through such utter suffering and trauma yet is still an absolute monster. This is so good I'd 100% recommend it to anyone. One of those story's which are so good they transcend as to whether you're into a genre or not because it stands up so strongly on it's own merit y'know? I'm utterly fucking absorbed I've read 150 chapters of it now and it's blowing me away. Has anyone else read it?
  8. This must be where I've been going wrong! I've not had the damn song on! Rookie mistake.
  9. Admittedly I'm not that far into it (3rd Gym) but to me the controls are pretty intuitive and easy and I've not experienced any troll aspects. Maybe it sorted out it's issues since you last tried it? For me this is the Pokémon game I always wished for since the first time I played the games so it's an absolute dream come true haha. If anybody does join, I'm KoteTheArcane on the Blue server!
  10. Noice. I'll be sure to join you lot in the future then!
  11. I've been meaning to get more into the PUBG scene in DI. It's my secondary game yet I've not had a chance to play with anyone here in DI or if there are any open events for people to play PUBG together.
  12. Yeah right?! I read something about having Thermal scopes. That would be fucking dope!
  13. I'd assume you'd have to actually hack your DS and then use ROMs on that DS or buy one of those DS 3rd party cartridges which you can put game ROM files on which have been previously randomized on your PC. Either way it's a lot more work than downloading emulators and ROMs onto your PC and playing them there. And you definitely should give it a go! Me and a few friends tried to do a 4 way Soul Link once that crashed and burned horrifically before we even got to the second gym. I'd definitely recommend only doing a soul link with one person haha.