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  1. haha know ur felling and rip no 100 xD but u never need
  2. hmm i hear stuff about that but not from usa lol TDC owns evrything in denmark.. so other companys goes into thyem and takes 10 years and they never talk it out good lol.
  3. damn nice download :c but yea rup upload.. upload always cost shitton more
  4. hehe i played solo and only looked for cars for 400 houers
  5. XD hehe i had some pratice ;)
  6. The -DI- Food Ilustrated Catalog

    mmm tasty
  7. The -DI- Food Ilustrated Catalog

    chop sticks to complete it! onii-chan
  8. The -DI- Food Ilustrated Catalog

    ur the man bro!
  9. The -DI- Food Ilustrated Catalog

    welcome to zomz cooking show kappaPride get a pullpork first u rub it realy good like you do with ur gf ;) realy good ( if you dont have gf ) just do like when u rub ur dogs belly) step 1 get that rub in step 2 get ur special homemade zom sauce step 2.5 get it nice and wet with uu sauce. step 3! take that badboy in oven late night like 12 am and have it on ( only know danish degrees ) like 50/75 and then 10 in morning get to a little higher then 12-14 set that badboy to 100-125 last houer u do 200 KEEP UR EYES OPEN IT DONT GET BLACK! if u have a spire that is rooling 24/7 ur a god and shuld get a divine hornor star. step 4: ready 2 go to heaven? take that badboy out and get it a little more wet if u like. ( me likey) step 5 and final step! u can eat in a burger and its lovely really if u have coleslaw its amazing! and maybe some bbq sauce to do it and some good homemade fries with oil and stuff on <3 stay tuned for another ep of zoms cooking show! KappaPride
  10. that is private. its skills no one have ever seen before . il give you a tip. extre power in speed and a random cliff and a rock
  11. DUDE GIVE ME!! rip i cry 4 u i had that before but mine was 2 and 0.2