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  1. The Roadmap is pretty awesome - you can see where they want to take the game once they are out of EA Boats and Martitime gameplay could get interesting
  2. You've been Dunga'd xD @Dunga
  3. Being called gay for liking to bake.

    A chap who is able to cook is actually appealing to women - just ask my missus; I make her breakfast in bed every day........then I eat it off her stomach
  4. I have a week off work starting tomorrow so I want to get as involved as possible this week and next
  5. What's your favorite breakfast foods?

    Eggs Benedict with HAM!!!!!!!! Amen
  6. Are these something we could/would try on another wipe?
  7. Safety first - Kill nakeds then ask questons
  8. Crickey thats pretty simple but pretty effective - could it be used to store your most valuable things? BP items you already have but dont want others to have?
  9. Its a double-edged sword/arguement; They could be a very interesting aspect of the game - map sizes would no longer be dauntingly massive, raiding and farming could become easier with a mobile unit - but if everyone has them it could turn into "Rust Does GTA"
  10. Fair enough, with hiding stuff in combing would that be somewhere we can secretly get to?
  11. Small good designs can be used but do we have to be careful we don't re-use designs even a couple of months down the line? People / other clans may start to recognise where we keep certain loot? @R3dl1ne what do you think?
  12. RL takes charge - but then you jump on Rust and take out some frustration on others xD
  13. There is alot of potential with cars - it could create a whole new aspect to cross-map raiding perhaps? DI = Apache warriors xD
  14. READ ME <<<<<<<

    Amen Don't forget : kill nakeds
  15. Blake Lively. Simple xD