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  1. I haven't watched an Overwatch animated short yet that didn't make me tear up. That Reinhardt one... man.
  2. Hello

    For meh boi....
  3. Hello

    My boi is 13! And he just spent $50 worth of RP on LOL champs.... *facepalm
  4. Flux Reversals Song of the Day.

    @Zezette Hell yeah! They are on Hellcat Records owned by Rancid front man Tim Armstrong. Speaking of Rancid.....
  5. I WAS listening to the Rustafied.com Twitch stream and Helk got on to talk. He stated that he doesn't know when he will wipe BP's. It may be months before this happens according to what he was saying.
  6. This has never happened to me before regarding Rust but the fact that they are not force wiping BP's makes me not want to play. I am not kidding. I am totally not interested in playing. I am not looking forward to playing. I simply do not want to play Rust.
  7. It makes me not want to play... I am not kidding. I am not interested in playing if they wont wipe BP's. My group spent allot of time shopping for a server just to get blindsided by this bullshit news. Now with this news just being announced on such short notice its too late to shop for a server that may actually wipe BP's. There is no way to know who does and who does not. Fukn bullshit.
  8. Its official Face Punch doesn't force wipe BP's today so servers like Rustafied.com are not either. I call bullshit. This is wrong on many levels IMO.
  9. Flux Reversals Song of the Day.

    More H-Town Dirty South Rap....
  10. Your Mom

    no.. your mom
  11. Flux Reversals Song of the Day.

    Easily one of my top favorite bands of all time singing one of my most favorite songs ever. Enjoy...
  12. Favorite Instrument?

    I love to hear cello.
  13. Whats your preferred listening application?

    Use to be Slacker. I use You Tube exclusively these days.
  14. VInyl Collecting and Stereos thread

    If your in Houston, TX look up Half-Priced Books.. great unknown record selection. I have a turntable and some records I had setup up in the bachelor pad. Its collecting dust right now.
  15. Flux Reversals Song of the Day.

    The original: An excellent cover: