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  1. How to get a girl to like you

    This whole question/topic is juvenile and slightly gross. Women are not prizes for you to achieve or own. Nor are their personalities or emotions challenges for you to overcome. You know how to get someone to be friendly towards you? Be friendly towards them. QED. Also, don't be a creep. If they don't want to be friendly towards you after you've made a few friendly overtures, back off and move on. The end.
  2. any kpop fans here?

  3. Do you play/make music?

    Classically trained pianist and violinist. Also do some (very) amateur e-DJ-ing, never for audiences larger than 30. Go stardom!
  4. What's your favorite breakfast foods?

    I hope that's leftovers.
  5. what anime are you watching right now?

    There's only about ~5 anime worth watching that are ongoing right now.
  6. Song of the Day

    It's 2017. Why are you quoting Pink Floyd? Is this new material?
  7. Ana's already got a buff. Buffing characters doesn't have to be at the expense of nerfing others.
  8. Charlotte Gainsbourg and her new album, Rest

    So, star of screen & music, Charlotte Gainsbourg, has a new album out. It's been mostly produced by SebastiAn. Her last proper studio album was the excellent but largely un-noticed IRM in 2009. Prepare your ears. And your feet. The best track on the album is "Sylvia Says", but it's not out on any streaming services yet.
  9. Hobbies everyone into?

    Cooking? Board games & card games? Reading books? An artistic hobby like drawing, painting, or a musical instrument?
  10. @Menxudo @Nevbox @Stakes @S0rGen - When you take away Mercy's res unless you have an escort you have a character only slightly useless than Doomfist. All other Supports output more burst healing. There are plenty of counters for the new Mercy.
  11. The Mercy nerf on the PTR is punishing and ridiculous. Now Mercy will require a full shield (read: Winston, Orisa, Reinhardt) just to res someone safely. Blizzard have always struggled the most with Supports. Mostly because Mercy is the only character that can Resurrect anyone so it creates a balancing nightmare for the whole field. We need a second Support that can Res people.
  12. Ster Trek Discovery

    The actor was, his character wasn't. He was also reported told by the studio to keep it quiet. Let's not pretend like that this is anything other than a complete failure. In fact it's worse.