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  1. Music Videos that Tell Great Stories

    This is the true saga of music videos. Nothing has ever or will ever come close to... Trapped in the Closet.
  2. Iris, straight up. I know Clair has better character design, but Iris actually has things called "type diversity" and "Ice type pokemon". Iris has clean answers to a lot of things on Clair's team, while Clair struggles to take out Iris's threats very easily. It's definitely possible for Clair to pull it off, but she's not favored IMO.
  3. Alright, that's good. The real MVP thing that they could implement in this patch is decreasing the sheer amount the Rotomdex gives unwanted advice. I liked interacting it on the first island, but when it asked to "nickname me", the constant flow of unwanted advice started.
  4. Had some drama with my friends today. One of them wanted everyone in my friendgroup to go with him to a net neutrality protest, but nobody was able to or wanted to. He then started implying that nobody else actually cared about net neutrality, and that we were all frauds. Then it spiraled into him making awful, paragraph-long personal attacks on everybody and then going offline once everyone started ignoring him.

    Fun times at college!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sol


      Maybe. Doesn't excuse him calling my friend a "sick, backwards piece of shit who doesn't even deserve to use the internet" or calling me "an entitled fuck that's just as bad as Ajit Pai" and telling us to "go to fucking hell and stop using the internet".

    3. Zxcaven


      From what i have seen protests at US College is the WORST thing to go to. All the crazies who are incapable of having a reasonable debate or conversation at all go there. That is a riot waiting to happen (as history the past few years has shown). Even if you disagree insulting people rather than trying to change their mind is just alienating them.

      But actually off topic.

       I would not take it too hard for now, as the usual feelings of frustrations may have just taken control ect. On a side note i had a friend (knew him since grade school) who used to blow up like that ALL the time. Like twice a week, we learned later on he has borderline personality disorder (he did not know either). So there is no way for sure as to what causes it, but i would not ruin a friendship over someone getting mad at something dumb like that.

    4. 13thShade


      @Zxcaven can you please gain US citizenship and run for president?

  5. Phil outdated 1.0 Shade overrated 1.0 Long have we waited 1.0 DI-X emancipated 1.0


    1. DrPhilandChill


      wow that really hurts shade

    2. Sol


      Don't steal my copypastas, Shade. They're too powerful for a mortal like yourself to comprehend. :^)

  6. *claps* Nice festive profile picture

    1. Sol


      Waluigi is the most festive dude around. :^)

  7. Very nice! One observation- BoltBeam coverage seems to drop this team like a rock, except for P2 and maybe Mienshao. Maybe consider adding something to deal with that kind of sweep when you replace Primarina.
  8. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/206285693

    Video evidence that I am the Iron Gamer.

    (For context, my college held a tournament called the Iron Gamer tournament, where each round was a different obscure game which you had to adapt to and win as fast as possible. Preliminary round was music trivia, from which the top 16 highest scorers were entered into bracket. The first round was a game called Particle Mace, the second was Windjammers, the third was Doritos Crash Course, and the last was an incredibly weird pinball game.)

    Relevant times: 59:45 (Particle Mace, I'm orange)
    1:29:30 (Windjammers, I'm on the right)
    1:52:45 (Doritos Crash Course, I'm on the top)
    2:14:16 (Finals)

    I'm the fool in the gray hoodie.

  9. Look out for Corsola Cups on the calendar. You go on our Showdown server, get one random Pokemon, and everyone uses only that Pokemon for a tournament. They're pretty quick and easy. There's two today, I believe.
  10. Great stuff. I’ll be eagerly following this. I’ve been wanting to learn VGC, so this should help tremendously.
  11. Cyrus. That dude is absolutely stone cold. He wants to destroy the world and replace it with a world entirely without emotion, and he manipulated a whole team into furthering his plans for it. (It's implied that most of Team Galactic doesn't know his true plan.) And look at this face!
  12. All 3 forms of Necrozma would break OU, so they're already out. Even Dawn Wings, despite the discussion about it dropping from Ubers to OU. Doubt Stakataka is going to get hit by the banhammer. It's very good, but it does need some Trick Room setup to reach its full potential. It'll probably stay in OU. No idea how Blacephalon is going to do. The OU metagame, as I understand it, has been centralized to counter a better special attacker in Naganadel. Therefore, Blacephalon hasn't been doing so hot at the moment, but it's subject to change as the metagame reacts to the loss of Naganadel and decentralizes again. Zeraora is interesting. No data on it yet, but pure Electric physical attackers are an area that's only been really covered once (Electivire, coincidentally). Electivire was too slow to make a big impact in the metagame, but Zeraora has significantly more speed, so we'll see.
  13. http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/naganadel-is-now-banned-from-ou.3621781/ Apparently, Smogon has gotten fed up with Naganadel's powerful sweeping ability, and it is now banned from OU. The set Smogon references as broken is the Nasty Plot Dragonium-Z set, a powerful set that could break through most walls and outspeed most other Pokemon in the tier with boosts to its speed. What do you think about this ban? Is it justified?
  14. I can't say I'm one for VGC most of the time, but if I ever decide to legitimately get into it, I'll keep this in mind. Thanks! Don't be narrow-minded, Shade. There also might be Mega Kangaskhan and Heatran on a couple teams. :^)