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  1. well our team is close to make a second roster i hope we will recruit other members in the division too.
  2. very strong champ at the moment indeed
  3. if you want to improve you should try to increase your knowledge about the game and champions matchups.also you should try to play things that are busted atm.play duoQ if you have a partner that you consider good
  4. Watch streams,LCS,try to play like the pro players and try to play champions that are strong in the meta.
  5. wow how did you figure out that if you are good in cs you will be good adc? :D
  6. You can't play every champion and role at the same level.Play the role that you think you are the best with and it's the most comfort for you.If you cant figure it out Play some games and ask someone to rate you and just try to stick with this role.You should try to make up what the team lacks not like switching roles everyday when someone is not up,but trying to step up and improve your skills and knowledge in your area.
  7. i think that you should clafiry your goal(to yourself)-do you want to climb or just have fun?