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  1. I, as the Division Commander, have Approved the Acceptance of this application
  2. I think in the coming weeks, the number of children under 15 will decrease exponentially on all servers.
  3. Don't even get me started on the loot we have at main base
  4. Raid Loot: Just for everybody to know this is a vanilla server Don't even @ me. You know we out here getting this paper
  5. Taco's?

    Taco Tuesday is the best
  6. Favorite band to see LIVE

    Cold Play
  7. Favorite music as a teenager

    I am only 18 rn so I have enjoyed EDM for the past couple of years
  8. Favorite kind of music?

    Can never go wrong with a little bit of EDM
  9. Top 10 Music Festivals to go to

    I have never been to any person but I have always wanted to go to Music Midtown in ATL and Tomorrowland
  10. Favorite food... GO!

    Roasted pumpkin seeds are always nice to have
  11. What do you do without internet?

    Complain how there is no internet and then go play offline on video games.
  12. What are you thankful for?

    I am thankful for being able to play games whenever I want. Also my family and loving girlfriend
  13. Where do you live ?

  14. Hand-drawn picture of Tracer I drew :)

    Hey that's pretty good