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  1. Sweet clip my dude! I'll contribute to this post aswell :- ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6vUxFVfG9k
  2. I prefer the mini over the SKS simply because it feels better for me
  3. Great tips! But to truly master this game I feel like for beginners it's better to drop medium/hot zones so they can learn how to aim, the bullet drop/speed and predicting enemies movements, if people learn that then they increase their chances of winning dramatically:- )
  4. For music I'd say something with alot more beat and tempo maybe since there were some clips where the music wasn't really "hype" but the clips were! :)
  5. Gaming Goals

    To get my name out there, so when someone says sandal they know exactly who they're talking about :-)
  6. hi.

  7. Got a big fatty ol' 0 but my eyes are fried now
  8. Whatsup with your username?

    My names Sandy and I wanted something similar, so I went with sandal :-) nothing too cool really
  9. First job

    Worked in Morrisons when I was 16 :-( never again, hate stores
  10. Tv shows to watch?

    Power is good!
  11. Other Languages?

    I speak Latvian and English Fluently :-) Along with Broken English fluently aswell (Scottish)
  12. sandal and socks

    Thanks my man :-)
  13. Daily motivational/interesting quotes

    Life's short, smile while you still have teeth :-)
  14. Back in my day when I played Overwatch it was Pharah/Ana depending on what the team needed. Now I just can't get myself to install that game again, 5ever stuck in Plat.
  15. The Breakout Type S is just too spicy to resist, dominus is cool too I suppose