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    I like pokemon and rainy weather.
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  1. What food are you craving RIGHT NOW

    wish i had some fried chicken hmmmm chicken
  2. Food

    yall be nice
  3. Food

    A nice large honey ham on a great winter day with a side of green beans and mash potatoes
  4. Favorite anime of all time

    DBZ series
  5. What food are you craving RIGHT NOW

    i want some India Indian food
  6. Favorite toppings on pizza

    ham and pineapple
  7. What's your favorite breakfast foods?

    tacos with a side of nachos
  8. Pizza or burger?

    i don't care really I'm a fat so i choose both
  9. How do you make your bed??

    with 3 oak planks and 3 white wool
  10. Riddle

    its a slowpoke
  11. Riddle

    try this one then. i'm too slow i have no friends it's also hard too comprehend the things i think are really hard are easy for the older ones. what am i?
  12. Riddle

    close but still no correct awnser
  13. Riddle

    try again
  14. Riddle

    I could be tall,strong and sturdy but i have yet to be planted what am i?
  15. Riddle

    omg you got it right lol