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  1. Communicate with no chatter. If you're in a big group on a run, say what needs to be said and nothing more. Do not ramble in peoples headphones denying them the ability to hear gunshots or footsteps.
  2. That feeling of when you go to loot an airdrop, leave some stuff in it and place down a landmine beside it. The cheeeeese
  3. Kcmo has some good highlights imo
  4. It seems alright tbh. I haven't had any troubles with that.
  5. Any recommendations?

    If you like Kendrick, you might like J-Cole as well. They have a collab together you might like
  6. Song of the Day

  7. Ill always go for the LR, just how shit I am at controlling sprays, I need that extra help.
  8. work on your footwork and your backstroke
  9. Well, I like to farm with the pick, but I always keep my rock on me. When a group of 4 come up and try to kill you for your farm, they think all you have in a Pick Axe. But then you make play after play, killing all of them with your rock in addition to countless hours of game sense. I actually should start farming with a revolver or something, killing people with a rock is too easy.
  10. died and got tilted so I go back out their with 3 more gear sets and lose them all. I clutched for my enemy.
  11. Meh, rustafieds getting too much for me
  12. Well, my past few wipes have been with DI, so its been group based. What we do is look at the map, find one rad town and maybe one Supermarket or Gas station thats close together. Has to be near a mountain or desert for the nodes. We all run to a certain coordinate, and immediately place bags down. We farm for bows and spears at the beginning, then run all together (probably like 10 people), so no one messes with us. Farm what we need for a 2x2, 3 story high, roof access starter base. Level 1 workbench goes in there, then farm until we have enough for most of main base.
  13. Since Innari revived this thread, I'll had my two-cents to it: sweet.
  14. Me with a pump shotgun and slugs is like facing the last boss in any game ever.