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  1. Describe your game in 1 word

    Correct, the first 1 would be ark.
  2. Describe your game in 1 word

    Dinosaurs Rocketcar airbus Cab you gues which games :P?
  3. I want to try it out, but I have sadly not received a beta key :/
  4. So here we go for questions when great jackal cant help anymore lol?

  5. Could I have a account? I would like to try it out.
  6. This propositions was first of all talked in private and was talked about a few weeks ago. before you guys where here. so 1 where did this info come from? 2 It appears you are misinformed this invite was from a single tribe member from the alpha tribe. we will not be in a alliance with them. they will not provide anything in terms of Dino's or any form of protection. And we are to build up from the start. Back than this was already discussed by the team members from than. and we decided not to go. However I am willing to see at least how many do want to start all the way over on a new server.
  7. I had to post this!

    That's how it works.
  8. So about the difficulty issue, Yesterday I started out on the Ragnarok server and within a hour I felt like It was already to easy. The main reason for this is the massive amount of bonus points with each level. Normally A ptera is used to scout and fly around fast. However due to fast level ups and 3 times more stats with each level than normal makes them ridiculous overpowered. A normal ptera at max level on normal servers arent capable of 2 hitting anything in the game. Just the fact that 1 you level up faster, 2 there is a much higher level cap 3 you get 3 times more stats per level than normal does make it in fact way to easy. with this even a dodo can turn into a murder machine that can take on rexes. I would suggest tuning down the bonus stats on tames and yourself back to normal. to make it more challanging.
  9. Come join us on pvp and attempt to become a alpha, should be a good challange.
  10. Shiny Wooper all the way back in silver, it was pink and had stars so I caught it back than. However the battery died :/
  11. Pokemon blue was my first 1, I was really bad at it all the way back than.