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  1. Good thing is I own all but one champion (never buying the unowned champ) Bad thing is, the new system makes it impossible to stock pile BE like you could IP. Had over 150k IP, changed into about 230k or so BE but bought the WW skin and some rune pages. Been hovering around 90k BE ever since, can't seem to get back to 100k.
  2. Don't bother watching diamonds+ Take your time watching all the good Bronze moments on youtube and DO NOT repeat their mistakes. Always a good laugh too
  3. Whats your opinion on snow?

    people in the southern states are weak when it comes to cold and snow. An inch of snow is the end of the world for the south.
  4. "I'm silver 5, you're bronze 1. you obviously suck at the game" or just die once and they act like you are feeding lol
  5. Bright - Netflix Movie

    Would be good for a random movie night and force others to watch it
  6. Bright - Netflix Movie

    ended up watching it today after being told it was on Netflix for free. Loved the movie and the concept. Was easy to follow with and understand from the start but kept you thinking.

    I am completely happy with being Typhlosion, one of my favorites as a kid. Thank you for being a good mentor with helpful information during my initiation.
  8. My artsy instagram lol

    Good work. Been looking to get a small tattoo in the near future so always good to see others for inspiration.
  9. Bored?

    I'm bored right now and can't find anything to do..
  10. Agreed. But if you do get into ranked when you hit level 30, play a small few champions and become gods with them before you expand your pick list. Whenever you think you got a champion perfected, move onto another that seems fun.
  11. Main ADC and if I am in a game, it is almost certain I will be playing ADC. I'll do jungle and mid if someone else wants to play ADC though.
  12. A post like no other

    Cookie is a Cookie, I won't judge.
  13. Any of you know any other languages?

    Yeah, just growing up in school they only taught Latin, Spanish, and French. German was going to be "introduced" but they never found a teacher for it or they never went through with the plans. If I want German I have to teach myself or find someone to teach and I am lazy when it comes to doing something for fun rather than I need to.
  14. Personally I have my moments where I will take a break from League for a good few days, but always come crawling back. The game is fun if you have friends and you don't get your feelings hurt while they laugh at your mistakes and you laugh at theirs, that is what makes the game enjoyable for me. I need to have a group of friends or strangers with common ground to play with, which is why I joined DI in the first place. Some people have the mentality that community is toxic and the only way to fight it is be toxic back or something, best way to avoid toxic players, mute them. If someone is being toxic to me in game, I won't reply but I will talk out loud long as it doesn't bother teammates that I am pre-made with. I browse the Player Behavior on the forums a lot and see people banned for "defending themselves" against trolls.