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  1. If you get to kill the t1 turret early/before your opponent, in most cases it is better to roam, but instead to go for kills(you can do that too obv), go for the turrets. the main goal for you now is basically to secure objectives. Mid t1 turret, drake or Bot t1 turret. whereever you see your best chances in succeeding... :) and tell your team to go for the turret you indent to assist in, so they dont dive stupidly or smth
  2. i would join as well although last meta i really enjoyed the decks(for example quest mage), so i actually tryharded in ladder... peaked at rank 9 after a break for years... guess not too bad lol
  3. Being called gay for liking to bake.

    what about water?
  4. If you like Blitzcrank, i'd recommend trying Thresh afterwards. hes also a support, and has a lot of similarities to blitzcrank... although he is a little harder to master, because you can really make plays with q + w, which would give you a nice learning curve i suppose :P
  5. Yeah i used to play it in its earliest stages, and just recently fell in love with it again :D
  6. Joke Thread

    Anyone who has no twisted sense of humour, please keep going ;) My best friend got mad at me because he caught me sniffing his sisters panties. It didn't help that they were still on her or that all of his family was there too. It really made the rest of her funeral really awkward.
  7. I have seen the Netflix version of it, and i didn't like it at all. Although i have never read/seen the manga/anime, still disappointed. So would you guys suggest i watch the anime? Because i have trouble starting to watch it now, coming from such a disappointment of a movie ...
  8. fellow trick2g sub? :D most important counters have already been stated. eiter force other objectives, which you can do, because lets face it, every nasus just ignores teamfights for his stacks :P(up to a point), or just pick darius and put nasus on a short leash x)
  9. It did, but shes still one of the strongest supports atm ;)
  10. The current meta is definetly an Ardent meta, meaning, any support that can shield/heal your adc, is freelo, when you rush ardents... pretty strong currently are janna/lulu, even soraka
  11. stopped playing at LE a while ago... dont know if you drop down in csgo due to inactivity as well, if so, im probably silver 1 already :D
  12. wait are you adjusting the graphic settings in-game? because if not, it is not allowed anymore, and if the anti cheat systems detects that you played around with the ini file, it might perma ban you, without any actual person involved to see that you "just" adjusted graphics
  13. Introducing Me,Myself and I

    Will be either informatics or IT Security ;)
  14. As someone who plays Mercy alot, i'd say the biggest pain in the ass is Winston. atleast in solo games, because until the team reacts, youre dead 5 times ;)
  15. as far as i know, that is now forbidden by the develpoers, and you can get banned for doing so