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  1. motorcycles?

    Yes, i own & ride a Honda CBR600RR in black-red :)
  2. Venture is coming along nicely bro! keep going, i want to see that silver star in front of your name :D

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    2. Bent


      Nah mate i got me own division to lead now :P

    3. JonnyBnator


      Ah mate gotta help your mentee out :D

    4. Bent


      When you reach 20 members, ill help with the finishing touches :P

  3. Everyone who might be interested in trying out Rainbow 6 Siege, it's free to play this weekend on Steam!!

    Free Weekend from

    15. Februar 2018 18:00 UTC - 18. Februar 2018 21:00 UTC

  4. I played until rank 8(standard) where i was so annoyed by cubelocks and highlander priests, that i decided to just troll around, so in the end i didnt get any higher
  5. Yeah fair point... if someone plays annoying shit like cubelock, he deserves to get his ass handed to him by some annoying shit like highlander :D Poor everyone else though xD
  6. well imho cubelock and highlander priest are both as cancerous as the other one :D
  7. pretty much the same for me. only recently started playing it again. my most played champs are warlock and rouge, closely followed by priest. all around 300 wins in rankeds
  8. Yeah im missing the Cube nerf as well... as for the other ones, i like them alot. wouldve maybe made creeper a 3/5 but hey... pls bite your tongue for saying/playing this :D
  9. A Fan of "Stadt land Fluss" ? :D

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    2. JonnyBnator


      I don't really like that game. Sorry.

      Brilliant Food though! xD

    3. PsmasterDaryan
    4. JonnyBnator


      I didn't. Or atleast i didn't want to. Maybe i did it by mistake?

  10. Ive played her midlane myself. against unexperienced players, its a pure blast :D but ranged champs that know to focus the tentacles, its hard. other than that quite fun! :)
  11. this. i do have a big priest deck, with said cards. with all the revive and copy a minion from deck cards(barnes and the spells) dragonhatcher is pretty damn good. add the biggest dragons ingame to that and your good to go :D you can get quite a good winrate in ladder with it <3
  12. There is no such thing as "camping" in a survival game! only tactical waiting :P i mean since PUBG is quite life like, it is only obvious there is the option to camp, whether you like it or not, it often has it perks and i dont think they should change anything about it, even in the endgame. yes the zone can fuck you up big time, but not just against campers. so if they want to make pubg esports ready, they have to change a few things about the random circles, not about campers...
  13. Well i did climb to Diamond in S7 once again with support only... My best advice is: if you encounter some adcs that dont rage, match your playstyle, and overall are quite alright, try to play more frequently with them, having a chill botlane is always very important. also i kind of have to disagree with @Th3B3ar here. You can play any Support as long as you're confident with it and know how to play him. If you have any more questions feel free to ask me, Support main since S3 here :P
  14. If you get to kill the t1 turret early/before your opponent, in most cases it is better to roam, but instead to go for kills(you can do that too obv), go for the turrets. the main goal for you now is basically to secure objectives. Mid t1 turret, drake or Bot t1 turret. whereever you see your best chances in succeeding... :) and tell your team to go for the turret you indent to assist in, so they dont dive stupidly or smth