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  1. I may be a bit biased, since Gen 4 is the gen that I haven't played for the longest time, but this is how it goes for me personally, also counting pokemon strength and looks. Personally I didn't like Gen 6 at all because of it's easy games and the pokémon designs lacking creativity in my eyes. Gen 4> Gen 1> Gen 5> Gen 3> Gen 2> Gen 7> Gen 6
  2. Flex queue is a nice alternative to solo queue, especially coming from someone like me, who plays a lot more casually than the average solo queue player. I also like that the placements are separate, giving you a second chance to reset and play out your elo in your first 10 games.
  3. Personally, I don't really like it, flashing mastery emotes hasn't really been super appealing to me, just extra BM in game. I also don't like how level 7 is limited to one colour being turquoise.
  4. Love the video, Lee Sin gave me a deja vu of something I can't quite seem to recall. I wish ashe was this mobile in the games, she looks amazing when animated! Other than the animation, I absolutely adore the music!
  5. I agree with what was being said previously, rain teams seem very strong. We could see potential Droughters or aurora veil shenanigans, don't count on it though.
  6. For the current meta, I'd still run ardent censer and have a team that is able to play around it: Top - Cho Jungle - Sejuani Mid - Galio ADC - Kog' Maw Support - Lulu
  7. One thing I've learned is to absorb pressure and, when in that situation carefully direct my jungler to do the right thing, so that he may win or snowball the other lanes.
  8. Personally like Porygon2 as well, but since it was already mentioned, my second favourite would have to be Torracat from S/M. I had it hold an Everstone during my first play through, since I couldn't stand the look of its evolution.
  9. Mine was a shiny Golbat in Firered, the second game I've ever played. I put a lot of time into it as a kid, I barely knew that shines existed and was psyched when it randomly appeared.
  10. Dunsparce. Personally, I blame Game freak for not giving it an evolution, as well as having near to useless moves and mediocre typing.
  11. To be honest, I have a very simple approach to this as some of the others. If they do flame me once, I ignore it, however if they do it twice, I mute them. I give them a second chance because sometimes even flamers may have critical information that can lead to a win. In the case that they spam ping, I simply mute their pings.
  12. Definitely focus on early pressure and jungle help, as previously stated. Relying on counter picks is tricky, however in the case that you were not able to counter pick, your jungler and potential mid lane roams is the key to stop him. As your post very correctly stated, the only thing one can do to Nasus is slow him down, he will always outscale you, so thinking logically, the later the game, the easier it is for him acquire farm, therefore the early game is crucial.
  13. Tbh I always liked the simple P250 Wingshot skin. It was also the first skin I bought.
  14. Favourite Anime OST's

    My personal favourites are Bleach, Naruto and Sword Art Online II(GunGale online).
  15. Since the season is closing, I play a lot less, I'd say 1 game every other day.