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  1. <13:45:11> Server has been shut down: Server Shutdown!

    This makes me sad why team speak do this

  2. Your biggest fear.

    I was on my dads boat and went for a swim for 30 mins then when i got back on they started fishing again and in 5 mins there caught the biggest eel i have every seen Makes me thing twice about going for a swim again
  3. Your biggest fear.

    It would be a very life changing thing but you would get over it
  4. Fellow Crypto Miners?

    @WPComwhere did you come from who let you back in jokes jokes I mine Ethereum on a 4 GPU mining rig (4 RX580) using the Claymores Miner easy to set up tbh Dont really know what I am doing but two things I did to get better hash rates is installed the amd blockchain drives and flashed and patch the bois with fancy programs made my 16mh/s per card to 25mh/s and only added a few watts to the power use. I think you can only do those things on rx series AMD cards. I have also started to mine burst coin on me laptop with a few cheap external hard drives takes a while to set up if you have a crap cpu but its a baby coin and doesnt cost that much electricity to run hard drives. Here's a sexy video about it
  5. Your biggest fear.

    You can still do lots of things if your blind
  6. Your biggest fear.

    Glad i searched to see if this had been done before Bringing back them old topics @strongandbald Anyway biggest fear is snipers or being trap in a loveless marriage
  7. What are the division and house standing numbers stand for

    1. TheGamer777


      They are Rep leaderboards to show which divs/houses have earned the most rep/exp in a month.

  8. Me DI hoodie turned up and I have been a gatekeeper for 6 months 

    Today was a good day

    1. Blackbird


      lets get some pics cloneeyy boyyy

  9. ahhhh

    who woke newhope up

  10. http://store.steampowered.com/app/779340/Total_War_THREE_KINGDOMS/

    These games were my life with I was a kid 

    Dynasty warriors and Total war

    Im all hyped up

  11. https://gyazo.com/690f36e780c34ab40abf02c10e08f998
  12. Song of the Day

    Some sad trap
  13. Dam we have some sassy generals in DI

    1. 13thShade


      Are they sassy maids though?