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  1. DI-V Team A VS Nexus eSports

    eeeh wut did i miss something
  2. Food - Wierdest food combos you eat or have seen eaten. GO

    i use nuttela and bacon hmhmhmhmhm delicous
  3. Food - Wierdest food combos you eat or have seen eaten. GO

    Nuttella and bacon on a bread!!!! do it trust me.
  4. Joke Thread

    2girls walkin down the street
  5. Where are you from?

    GERMANY wuhu
  6. wwwwwwooooot where is the link to the whole game/series.. thats what i ment i wanna see how our elites play!!!!! AHHHHH LINK LINK
  7. Ah lol i thought he wanna join DI V , my bad
  8. If you could have any super power, what would it be?

    all4one would be mine!
  9. What is everyones favorite Disney movie?

    toy story
  10. Hi

    slick slack slowa da bus YA MAN thanks very much appreciated guys
  11. Hi

    Thanks man! Yeah im down for some league , you can add me ReggaeSurvivor . Im looking forward to the time in here!
  12. Hi

    ReggaesSurvivor , reggaebase, Jason however you call meh i respond to it. Im 23 years old living in Germany-Düsseldorf. Brand new , fascinated and overwhelmed by the karaoke night lul. Im the Second in Command for DI-V Team A under the command of Maximus. There is not much to say ,but i like it allready . We have got some nice people here and its all good communicated until now, i like it. To be honest im scared to fuck cohort up , by forgetting something , but for that ill blame my mentor muhahaufghnogihpodj. WELL GUYS LETS HAVE SOM FUN
  13. Allright its allways good to stick to some rules or some redlines . Ill take that in consideration and stick to it. Thank you for your effort!
  14. I am not consistent, and it changes really fast. It actually depends on how my day was in general, sleep , work mental status. And i often find myself saying , i dont know what im doing, i wanna get rid of it. Practice and continued playing is the a key , that works semi good. Maybe you got something for me.