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  1. I'm just sad i'll never be an amazing widow Q.Q my aim will never be THAT good.
  2. I have posted on this thread 100 times but here I am again, lol. I would like to get above 3k but I keep bouncing around 22-24 hundred.
  3. Nice! I've almost gotten to 2500 -- i've been bouncing around 2300 ish :D
  4. When I first started playing this game all i played was widow... I feel bad looking back now that I have an understanding of the game. It was fun for sure but I was constantly getting yelled at lol. I understand now why they were so hostile. I just wasn't working with the team. It was 6 vs (5 and me). Though i may still do this in quick play, I do my best to work with the team in comp. :)
  5. So I love widow, and she has my most played hours however in competitive I have..... specific feelings. Let me try to lay them out for you. If you like playing widow, please do. However, if you aren't doing well I think you should switch off. There are time when I am on point and sniping left and right. Then again there are times where I can just cant get any good picks. These are the games I think I should switch off regardless of previous performance. I understand this is a game and you are meant to have fun while playing this game, however there are two modes (quick and competitive). In my opinion if you just want to play widow regardless of how you are doing, you should stick with quick play. Overwatch is a team game and much more fun working with your team. That, in my opinion means switching off widow after you can see you aren't hitting your shots. HOWEVER I feel like there are many many times where a team just blames a widow if they cant push or cap a point. Regardless of how they are doing they just instantly ask the widow to switch. I strongly disagree with that. Often it is the widows fault but just as much it is the whole teams fault. I'm curious to see what you guys think!?!?
  6. If you haven't already, definitely get it! Awesome game to play solo and even better with friends.
  7. I have a friend that lost 9 of the ten :/ he still hasn't played his last match lol.
  8. Haha I tried that but instantly got bored. Probably because I'm bad at her ult... >.>
  9. Intro from QueenD

    Welcome! It was nice playing Mystery heroes with you earlier!

    1. Zezette


      You better be first in yr cohort for @GiveItToMeBaby

  11. I feel weird playing him.... Like.... If I need to carry or really want to win I play Jr.... but at the same time I hate seeing him at the top of my most played heroes.... It makes me feel nooby.
  12. Literally the same. I like tracer but im terribly and with zarya... well im clueless with her lol.
  13. Sort of new to OW but really enjoying it. How much time do we have left? I'd love to get 2500. Still having fun losing at this point though xD