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  1. I haven't even got one of the new crates yet :/ the Poly Pop explosion looks cool though.
  2. I think so too! Aaaahh! One thing that I would like to see as part of it is Dropshot tournaments! That would be cool.
  3. We have many Rocket League teams - there are a lot of players around and above your level too, so finding a suitable team shouldn't be an issue. You have to apply to join DI, here is a link:
  4. Very nice! Two questions, it's a little hard to tell (plus I watched it on mute - at work): - Did you get a flip reset from the ball? - Do you (or did you in this case, at least) flip cancel your shot? (I see Squishy and Jhzer do it a lot - not just for shots - and it's something I've been intending to work on)
  5. I only just saw this Reddit post (below) today, so you're in luck! Looks like a really good resource, actually! Link
  6. Very nice, considering that you actually had to boost out away from the goal with the ball in order to score that. They are one of the most satisfying goals to score, in my opinion.
  7. Xbox One controller. Never liked the PS4 controllers and used to use an Xbox 360 controller so it made sense to switch to it. I really like it though. @fAlc0n try to make the Topic Title reflect the content of the post because it doesn't make sense to have 5 posts all called 'Rocket League' - just helps people contribute to topic conversations :)
  8. I don't know what's a "good" time - 23 minutes seems pretty good to me though - but I think the record is just over 7 minutes.
  9. Cloudfuel always (very helpfully) makes the RLCS LAN replays available to download after the Championships have finished. This season is no different. You can watch all of the LAN games from the perspective of any of the pros - at the very least it's interesting, at the most you can learn a lot from seeing how the best in the world play this game. To do this, you will need to download the .replay file and put it into the following directory on your PC: 'Documents\My Games\Rocket League\TAGame\Demos'. Once done, you will see this appear in your usual Replays section on RL amongst your other replays. I didn't watch 100% of RLCS S4 but some games that come to mind are: - PSG vs C9 - Method vs NRG - GFE vs Method (Upper Bracket Final - the 4-3 series) If anybody has any recommendations for other games to watch - especially if you have a particular player's performance in mind (maybe player x demonstrated perfect positioning or attacking play, for example) - then feel free to mention it here. Replays can be found here (Google Drive Folder)
  10. Very nice! Is there a training pack for opponent wall redirects?
  11. Ahhh this guy and his editing! Twelve Titans - such a cool tournament, from start to finish. First time I saw SquishyMuffinz was in Twelve Titans! Haha
  12. What sports do you guys play?

    Nice, I would like to do boxing, just never got around to finding somewhere. I used to play football (soccer) when I was younger. Played at county-level and could have easily gone into lower-level professional football, probably. But I quit as I was a pretty depressed teenager experiencing existential angst! Haha One sport I play now is squash (racquetball) - very fun sport and anyone can play it.