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  1. Songs That Make You: Move/Feel/Cry/Dance

    The Browning - 'Time Will Tell' makes me move like a mofacker lol Dream On Dreamer - 'Violent Pictures' makes me feel Migos - 'Night Call' makes me sorta dance Johnny Cash - 'Hurt' makes me cry
  2. Band Im in Love with ​​​​​​​

    Eskimo Callboy Dream On Dreamer Taking Back Sunday
  3. Favorite Youtuber

    He's a journalist, but has a YouTube channel where he does a few talkshows - Thorin(Thoorin on YT)
  4. Startup

    Hey yall, I just wanted to hear if you watched Startup. If so, please tell me what you think about it! I watched both seasons twice now and I feel like this series is underrated! Regards Lukas
  5. Favourite musician

    Corey Taylor
  6. Your Favorite Song

    Thats a good one!
  7. I just want to hear your thoughts after the first week of OWL and who you are rooting for!:) For me, OWL felt very good. Production, Casters and the matches were very attractive! I'm also glad to see monte casting some bigger events, besides Apex. When it comes to the teams, I really like London Spitfire. Profit and Gesture just make so many plays, very fun to watch. And of course this is the team of Cloud 9, so that helps with liking the team! Them being a 12th men roster is kinda cool too, especially when it consists of GCB and the old Kongdoo/Cloud 9 Team!:)
  8. Top 3 tv series

    GOT for is number one for sure. 2 and a half men at 2nd and No.3 probably Vikings!:) Suits is very cool too from time to time:) And if you are looking for something special, I would recommend American Gods!
  9. Since im a MaRin fanboy, I dont think its a troll pick. Just unusual:)
  10. Whats your preferred listening application?

    Mainly Apple Music, But when Spotify comes across with a good offer I'll jump on that boat :D
  11. Festivals and Concerts

    LOL When they played it, the lead singer of an other band joined in for the rap part! That was dope.
  12. Festivals and Concerts

    Disconnect is pretty good! have fun:D
  13. Festivals and Concerts

    They were the headliner of the first Concert I attended !:D They're deep in my heart. Time will tell is the biggest banger by them!
  14. Festivals and Concerts

    I know lots of these. Saw Being as an Ocean, Withing the Ruins and Fit for an Autopsy live aswell! Do you know The Browning?