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  1. I only need a few pokémon, can I contact you later this week? @IgnitedxSoul
  2. I really feel like I'm te biggest asshole there is. I'm not sure what I can do to get a little more control on this whole fucked situation. I feel like I should just disappear (at least for a bit)

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    2. S0rGen


      It's just that there's so much going on in my life. School's busy as fuck and I'm drowning in assignments and tests. Next week it'll be a year ago since my mom died. My dad has a new gf and idk what I think of that, which sucks ass. Plus I keep feeling that I'm a bad boyfriend towards my gf. So yeah, I really need to just, idk, disappear or something. Would solve it all.

    3. Nyx


      In my experience, disappearing from things is a temporary solve because you're going to have to come back and handle it. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate and that's okay to feel the way you're feeling. What works for me is chunking things down as best I can, to get past them and focusing on that end goal. Be vulnerable with your girlfriend and let her know you're feeling a little under water too. I'm sorry to hear about your family too, some things take time to heal. If taking some STA will help you, please do it. Sometimes being around with friends can help you through tough periods. 

    4. Rok


      Let me be the asshole for a moment: Be grateful. Try it; it helps more than you can imagine.

      As ridiculous as that may sound right now in your state, try to think of people who are in even worse conditions than you are. For example, you have a girlfriend who can complain about you and who you can feel guilty about. This, by itself, is an immense blessing. Be grateful for just this ... and tell her that you are. And as Nyx said, tell her how you feel, especially that you feel like you're not as good to her as you should be. Showing her that you feel grateful she's there, she exists at all, and also that you feel guilty, can improve the relationship probably instantly. And share your worries and family problems with her. Normally, you don't want to bother friends or people with your problems, but girlfriends/partners are different; they want to be there for you. Let her share the load, and do the same for her.

      And life taught me one important lesson: Days, months, or years from now ... it'll all be nothing. Nothing to worry or fuss about at all. So why not treat it as nothing right now, you know? You eventually solve your problems, even if it takes long; and when you don't, life solves them for you by making them go away, usually after a lot of unnecessary suffering on your end. Nothing stays the same, even the bad things.

      And try to give your father, and his girlfriend, the benefit of the doubt. Everybody is so thirsty for love and connection; everybody needs this for their soul or heart like they need water for their bodies. Being lonely, especially when it comes to love, is harsh. Your farther perhaps couldn't take it anymore. And his girlfriend is probably shit-scared about what you're thinking; she probably wants to tell you that she can never replace your mother but doesn't know how to say it. She may be getting a vibe that you hate her, even if you don't, and thus acting according to that. Ultimately, she most probably means well, and so does your dad.

      Good luck, S0rGen.

  3. I don't currently have the time to keep checking and talking on TS. I will do this later, yes, but this is a nice place to post this (at least I figured)
  4. Hey guys! I'm currently trying to finish my Alola dex for Ultra Sun, and I need some help! Here's a link to a document where I have a list of all the pokemon I still need. I keep updating it, everything marked green is obtained. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ezCdY1u3F-BIgCZ8JhSBen3Olpz72fweZIPi4b_9-xY/edit?usp=sharing You can comment on the pokemon which one's you can help me with. If you comment on it, please comment with all pokemon you can help me with. Also, comment on this post please so we can agree on when we can trade. I don't want to keep the pokémon, I only want to register, so don't worry! I will try to give you something in return, as I have some shinies in my boxes still. Thanks guys!!
  5. I'm so fucking tired man, really wish I could get a grip on everything

    1. Arixia


      All you got to do is pull through! You got this! :D

  6. What do you do out side of gaming?

    I'm a student at uni
  7. Overwatch Open Division Round 3

    Go Sharks!
  8. Happy Turkey day!

  9. Is there any way to know how many posts you've made in a certain month? Would make things a lot easier tbh

    1. Sairane




      Its linked up on the top left, just under the search bar on the forum :)

    2. S0rGen


      Thanks :)




  11. Favorite Quotes

    "I think anyone who has an opinion, and voices it, will offend someone." - Peter Steele
  12. It's almost my birthday :D

  13. Show me your setup!

    Damn nice rig man!
  14. Show me your setup!

    Hey there guys. I just upgraded my pc and now it looks sick as fuck, and I want to know what everyone's setup looks like! Here's mine! I know shitty quality. My case is a Corsair 460X RGB CPU is an i5-7600K (10% overclock) GPU is a 1050Ti Motherboard is an Asus z270
  15. This just shows I could beat south korea with just 1 press of a button