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  1. Very similar to rust initially - a lot of frustrations about getting slaughtered by someone with a semi automatic rifle when your pointy stick just isnt up to the task. However, that’s where the similarity ends. Whilst rust continues in that vain until monthly reset (when for about 10 mins you might be fighting someone else with a pointy stick), Ark evolves. Arks survival aspect is more challenging than rust albeit mitagated when you establish a foothold and tame some protection. As tych said there are many more aspects. Whilst rusts pve ends with killing a bear/helicopter, Ark has many many more pve challenges. It does require higher end graphics card but if you’re playing on PS4 then I assume it will be a beautiful experience. It is an incredible game.
  2. I used a 600% argie for the weight capacity and that was plenty fast enough
  3. Fantastic game, come join us on PVE server!
  4. On lightning’s modded pve server you can just fly in on a super speedy flyer. Grab several eggs and get out before the wyverns have even woke up
  5. There are a bunch on ragnarok - they dont let go if they catch ya! be careful....
  6. Make some friends to play with! you soon find out who your enemies are at least. RIP
  7. yeah theres several around the place. I built a wyvern trap next to the wyvern spawn as well
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but at night they have super vision/sensing so I don't think ghillie is as effective as against other dinos
  9. Great idea. I'll come build one. Will still have my castle though to house all me dinos
  10. Surely its meepo. It gives you a whole nother hero that you can teleport to. Surely any hero would trade their aghs upgrade for this?
  11. Chemotherapy is the only way to beat Cancer Lancer
  12. Whilst this is a good guide (for players without griffins) it does also make reference to subsequent quetz tames being easier. This is referring to the quetz cage which no longer works
  13. oh man, the first time i met them was on official pvp server when i finally got my first trike. I lost everything, including my sanity. Those orange eyes are the thing of nightmares. The solution isnt to avoid venturing inland at night. The solution is to never set foot on land in the first place. Swimming with megalodons and mesosaurus's is pleasurable by comparison