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  1. mercy whatever happens dont die for someone unless you’re contesting the point/playload
  2. As a mercy main I have that as a habit, I used to try to calculate who could have ult so I can rez my teammates without people ruinning it, when we had the resurrect as an ultimate. I still say 'I think zarya has ult so watch out' or do calls like that but usually people never listen.
  3. mercy is not op anymore :( *sobs*
  4. I don’t think my problem is with OW servers because I know that the issue is with my internet connection but I’ll try that for sure!
  5. Yeah I’ve heard about the levels of punishment but I’m not sure if it resets, hopefully it does! Thanks for all the information though!! I think I’ll stop if I ever get 10 hours ban
  6. Think positive, you won't!! I started at bronze (1.2k) last season and managed to reach gold after many hours of playing and this season I started at gold, now I'm almost diamond! If I can do it you definitely can too!
  7. I have fast internet but unfortunately it’s unstable and there’s nothing I can do about it. I got disconnnected 2 times while playing comp this season and I was wondering how many times can I risk it before I get a season ban?
  8. woah congrats!!! im still trying to reach diamond :(
  9. probably when I was left alone in a comp match and the enemy team was not friendly towards me
  10. I feel like people started being nicer this season? I haven’t witnessed any toxic conversation yet #feelsgoodman
  11. It doesn't feel like playing when I don't play Comp but I also liked Capture The Flag, too bad it's gone now.
  12. Maybe Jake and Sinatraa should've been in the team then they might win against SK but is that even possible to participate in world cup twice? Like how do they chose who is gonna represent their country and be in the team? I don't even know the rules
  13. It might depend on what you play, as a Mercy main I find it easier to solo que and I am pretty lucky when I'm solo queing but if I were a dps main it would be hard to work as a team when I solo que because there are so many dps mains out there and they probably wouldn’t let me play dps all the time? I mean no one complains when I instalock Mercy so I'm comfortable while playing and I don't really mind solo healing but if I would play dps I'd feel pressure on me I guess, I don't know if that even makes sense
  14. she looks like zen + sym + mercy combined, I am really excited because I definitely like no aim no brain heroes ahahah