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  1. I don't think pup's nerfs are enough, but let's see how it plays out. Zuki's buffs are really interesting, because aside the AoE dmg increase (positive value, but it's more a rebalance due to her range nerf, which caused the splash dmg to be more frequent, specially in open maps like hyperforge), I consider the Big One changes a positive move but towards flexibility, not raw numbers. Previously having a no-brainer choice in Peekaboo, now mods like Long Range Ballistics and Bigger One go up in value due to the ability being natively a free-action, promoting different and situational builds. Quark should have a fixed nerf section with every patch. I don't think it's power lies within the numbers though. Maybe they should work on the binding ranges, having reliable damage/healing output without LoS plus being able to reveal enemies is too strong alongside the utility that he already brings as a support.
  2. Yeah, I think a better question would be if he is able compensate dmg in a 1-FP comp haha. Apparently he is, interesting...
  3. Favorite anime of all time

    Top 3 is Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X), and Shaman King.
  4. @Cocoballs and @BeerCheese, do you guys think that Damage Titus would compensate enough damage in a 2 frontliner comp?
  5. Having played a fair bit of garri myself, I think the "slow all" mod on "hand cannon" might be a better general mod, unless you're either playing against nix, or have a target-based assassin on your team like kaigin or pup. Outside that, you have nothing that greatly benefits from revealing that you couldn't deduct based on your proximity and target's pathing (since hand cannon's range is so close anyway). Instead, you heavily focus on restrain enemie's movement and keep them in range of your punch and missiles, and in a better position for your team to land AoE damage.
  6. I'd like to know what you guys think about the new ban phase, what is first ban worth, pick priorities in first phase, any considerations that I didn't think of. Ready? Set, GO!
  7. Catalyze yourself: optimizing the planning phase in Atlas Reactor “Lost time is never found again.” – Benjamin Franklin Intro – Time has always been a valuable resource in strategy games. During a match of AR, players have 20 seconds each turn (plus 2 time banks – extra 5 seconds each, automatically activated once the time is up without confirming, only 1 use per turn) to decide how to act. This means evaluating position, available targets, cooldowns, energy, possible routes, incoming/available buffs, all this for yourself, teammates and enemies. As a result of so many variables being processed within such a short period, it’s inevitable to underestimate or simply forget some factors, which ends up hindering players’ performances over time. This article will bring up some mechanisms to help ensure a consistent planning phase, and that no time bank is wasted due to unexpected factors forcing take-backs and rushed or misplaced actions. Hotkeys – It might look obvious to some, exaggerating to others, but half-a-second within a time spam of 20-ish seconds is A LOT. And it’s way more if it’s necessary to try different actions before locking in. Instead, it’s possible to select actions with 1~8 (1~5 are FL’s abilities, 6~8 are Catalysts, in order of phase), and deselect by pressing the same key if there’s a change of mind. Other hotkeys that don’t contribute directly with planning phase’s optimization, but bring information and quality of life when deciding the next turn: · “Alt” to show (on top of each FL) all Freelancers’ cooldowns and catalyzers (only by phase color, not the specific cata) available; · Mouse-wheel up and down adjust camera distance, which would help better identifying FL’s position and CD’s; · “Q” and “E” rotate the camera left and right, respectively; · Holding “V” shows one’s own freelancer line of sight, useful to make sure if an enemy is able to target it or not; · “Shift + Right click” cancels a FL's entire movement, so it can be redone; · “Tab” opens up scoreboard by default, but it also contains another tab, where it’s shown the mods loadout that every player is running; · Holding "Alt" while selecting an action shows the exact tiles that it'll hit; · "C" unlocks the camera so you can better position to judge your actions; Know your arsenal – Not having to test whether an action or dash is able to reach a specific location, or hit the intended target, is a big time saver. Since this kind of info isn’t available on the abilities’ descriptions, spending some time on practice mode mastering those aspects would leave more of it to actually evaluate the whole scenario before locking actions. Think in advance – Even though planning phase is just 20 seconds longer, the entire turn in AR takes an average xxx seconds. This means a whooping xx seconds where a player should be actively thinking about their next steps, instead of passively watching taunts and animations without having to issue any commands at all. It’s true that things might change based on what happens on resolution, which makes difficult to plan your next turn precisely. Here is where it comes a skill called “envisioning”. Envisioning is the act to imagine future possibilities. By doing this, a player is anticipating a possible scenario, being able to develop a proper response to it, and thus saving up the time it would take to do so within their next planning phase. There are several cases where envisioning is applicable. At the very start of the Preparation Phase (and even before), a player already knows where their Freelancer is headed to, which means it’s easy to already trace next possible paths. Incoming slow/haste are also predictable, just as evaluating feasible ending spots for enemies dashing/catalyzing to. Conclusion – Being able to average 15 seconds to finish planning phase ends up netting an entire Time Bank every turn. Such advantage can be achieved by optimizing a player’s Planning Phase through hotkeys usage, game knowledge, and properly envisioning the incoming resolution. In order to do so, players should make sure they’re never “simply watching”, but thinking about what is possible to happen, its consequences, how to react to every scenario that they’d come up with. Meanwhile, each action that actually happens are just new inputs considered to narrow down the collection of scenarios and lead to an actual choice for their next turn. Thanks to @Foolproof for the last 2 hotkeys tips and an adjustement on the movement cancel one. As always, sry for any english mistake. Suggestions and constructed criticism are always welcome. Just a heads up: I had planned for these articles to be bi-weekly, but League of Legends' ranked season is coming to an end and I want to test what I'm able to do within just a month, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep up with the schedule for the next month, but I'll give it my best. Previous article quick link
  8. http://wiskerz.me/arbuilds/#zuki:323-1 Extra shrapnel - helps to keep dps high when your enemies keep getting cover, or clustered. Stickiest bombs - SoloQ tool, Big one setup without relying on teammates. In a team context, I can see it either changed to Pyrotechnic, or downgraded to Phosphorus residue in order to upgrade Rocket jump(Extra big boom) or Missile storm(Enhanced targeting). Peekaboo - Not much to say here, pretty standard. No mod on Rocket jump - As I said on @Jerathustra's topic, a lot of times you have to actually dash in advance, which diminishes effectiveness of any mod that involves Rocket jump hitting an enemy. Post-dash buffs are weird too, since you're not always in position to make it worth, so I left it empty so that more reliable attacks could be improved. Artillery barrage - Even with it nerfed by 1 range, it brings greater impact to your ulti if you're able to work around it and position properly.
  9. I have some ideas in line for new articles, but i'm not sure about periodicity of them. Are you guys ok with monthly? Bi-weekly? Also, let me know if you have suggestions about the format or new topics for future articles. Thanks in advance! =)
  10. @Jerathustra The only ways to break the follow is to get invisible (Celeste's Smoke bombs, or Nix's Stalker suit), or teleport/vertical dash out of sight of the follower. In all those cases, they'll follow to your last known location and stay there.
  11. You are right! and it just reminded of something else, I'll edit it soon, thanks!
  12. @MrSfke Yeah, I had it listed there originally, but wasn't sure and couldn't find about it anywhere (couldn't find some1 to test it, also - no friends =/), so ultimately chose to remove from the article. Thanks for confirming it! =)