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  1. What is everyones favorite Disney movie?

    The Lion King
  2. Never play anything that is early access/beta. Its just a worse version of the game you really want and sometimes developers just don't finish it.
  3. what's your favorite tv show?

    rick and morty
  4. What is your favourite film ?

    Saving Private Ryan
  5. huh, i kinda forgot he existed. I think i'll give him a try.
  6. If you're interested you can look up hero abilities in the dota wiki. There's all sorts of random stuff that's useful occasionally.
  7. I recently found out alchemist ult disjoints. https://dota2.gamepedia.com/Alchemist
  8. What's your favorite breakfast foods?

    Chocolate muffin from Costco.
  9. Skywrath mage. He does so much damage and its amazing.
  10. Personally, I would not mind if techies was removed from the game. I don't like playing with him or against him.
  11. bane sleep, timing is tricky though
  12. Personally I think its silencer. Support or carry his ult shuts down a lot of people in this team fight heavy meta.