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  1. Enjoy your STA, thank you for all your help x

    1. Deadlypain96


      Thank you @Nyx Lets hope i can get my Health issues fixed, This headache is becoming a killer slowly.. >_<

    2. Nyx


      I completely understand, I wish the best for your headache x

    3. Deadlypain96
  2. Today i did my first belt exam, Taekwondo yellow belt currently! =)

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    2. Kristian


      When someone has black belt in kickboxing, what that means? Well, "About 10 years of training, competitive experience and competitive performance, instructor training completed, judging training completed, long-term supervisor and coach experience." 

      and thats just black belt. There is 6 other belt exams before it.

      So what I think, its not pointless.

    3. Asteroid


      From my experience, your ability to pass the belting patterns do not mean much once you get into a fight in real life. Yes, for the TKD/Kickboxing progression - that is what you gotta do, no doubt. Back when I did TKD, the only thing you needed to do to receive a black belt was a fitness test that is absolutely insane and a pattern.

      At the end of the day, if this makes you happy - go all out, I'm just saying that for me - passing patterns and belts was not something that I wished to do because I realized that once the basics have been taught, that is all one required to protect himself.

    4. Deadlypain96


      In my progression for next belts you have to show kicks, blocks, punches 1vs2 1vs3 1vs1 opponent wearing knife. Sparring, poomsea, crushes. Its not just fittness test and one single pattern. 

  3. How to make a signature?

    @PuffDaddyP This looks kind of like your handy work :O Could it be? That mercy looks familiar
  4. How to make a signature?

    That actually looks damn good. Thanks @CursedInsanity ! :3 Done. Dm'ed you :)
  5. How to make a signature?

    That actually looks kind of awesome! Do you mind if i try fit this as my Facebook coverphoto instead? :'D
  6. How to make a signature?

    Indeed it was i who recruited you Cursed. I will pm you more in detail about the signature :)
  7. How to make a signature?

    Hello everybody. I'm looking for somebody who is good at doing forum signatures because, i need one and i cant do one my self, If somebody would be willing to do one for me as charity case aka free. Please poke me around forums or TS3.
  8. Looks pretty spooky but awesome! Nice job! =)
  9. I decided to finaly try Mcree on comp and.. Well i guess i shoudnt have doubted my self.. 3 gold =)


    1. CursedInsanity


      That's awesome!

    2. Heistenberg


      Must be aim bot. I demand a formal investigation.

  10. Cards Agaist Humanity At DI-XV EVerybody Come Join us!!

  11. Cards Agaist Humanity starting in 10 mins at DI-XV Overwatch EU. Everybody is welcome to join us!


  12. Your boy just made it to Golden SR in Overwatch! finaly! <3


  13. Cards Agaist Humanity?

    Ofcourse it is. Keep an eye on calender for upcoming week. Ill make event for DI-XV cards agaist humanity :D but everybody can join!
  14. Cards Agaist Humanity?

    Hello Guys. Any of you guys would be interested of playing Cards Agaist Humanity today with us or someday soon? https://pyx-3.pretendyoure.xyz/zy/game.jsp @PuffDaddyP @Heistenberg I know these fellas would be interested atleast.
  15. Overwatch Free Weekend Quick Plays Event Starting Now in DI-XV Overwatch EU! Join us!