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  1. Current 3000ish. True rank: 1# in the world. No but seriously I think my true rank depends on how much I play and concentrate. At current state it is probably somewhere where I am currently, if I start to play a lot and tryhard I am sure my true rank + actual rank rise together.
  2. This is mine, I pay 20€/month, it is NOT fixed term contract. 20/10 is doable but 10mb/s is a bit slow. I have found out that with 350mb/s internet I very rarely download anything with full speed so it pretty much goes to waste most of the time. Only useful when downloading games :)
  3. Here we go again. I think others have said pretty much how I feel about it as well. You can easily carry games just by communicating with your team & doing basic tactics at lower ranks. Just by having everybody/most people attack from same place at the same time can have HUGE advantage over enemy team. Like mentioned you can always mute other people. Yes you CAN indeed win without ever communicating. You are just at disadvantage then.
  4. Oh damn. I would do anything to get my pc fixed. I had laptop that didn't run games too well for quite some time. I never want to be in that situation again. I would rather go and become phone salesman than play with crappy pc. You have to get what money you can and build super budget pc :D
  5. That is very hard question to answer and it depends on so many things. Generally if your group is "competetent" like like @MoneyFolder put it I would play in groups. But generally playing with random/casual groups usually ends up in you losing a lot of SR. When we played comp as Team C we won most matches. But when I play with our division (just randomly grouping up people together to form big group). We usually lose most matches. So if you want SR queue up with good players. DuoQ works best in my opinion if you can find good partner. It has all benefits of grouping up and no negatives (generally you won't get 6 man stacks or 4 man stacks against you). SoloQ is pretty easy way to gain SR. You end up where you really belong pretty fast most of the time. Better doing SoloQ than playing in group with worse people (or if you don't communicate). But it is way more fun to play in groups to me. Always.
  6. I love that bug where you change character same time as mercy resurrects you and you spawn as that new hero :D
  7. I like to play many heroes but usually I play much smaller group of heroes on comp. I like to play a few heroes on all categories and play others every now and then. So basically maining couple heroes per category. On casual I tend to play mostly DPS but I like to play all heroes much more than in comp. And I tend to NOT play some heroes on casual that I play in comp (like soldier).
  8. Most gambling sites do that. They offer "free money" but you need to deposit a lot of items to withdraw anything out. It's a scam.
  9. Can't read such a huge wall of text formatted so wrong. Maybe we could have other top 500 player's opinions (or people at grandmaster at least).
  10. First PC Game?

    There are many pc games that I remember but I don't know their names. I remember space shooter game. I also remember playing a turn based strategy game. Maybe it was heroes of might and magic x. I don't know. Then a little bit later on there are many games I do remember. Indiana jones, Battlefront 2, Runescape, Habbo hotel.
  11. I really wish I could. Maybe I will attend it one day :D. Until then I just have to watch with virtual ticket
  12. I don't think that problem you are talking about is really an MEI issue. That happens 24/7 when I play tracer. I throw bomb on my client but it never registers on server. I use my recall on my client, it never ACTUALLY starts. I use my blink but I die midway while blinking. I think these are server issues where client does it immediately but server checks if you were dead on other person's screen when you used your ability and if so just kills you. Mei is kind of same as junkrat in my opinion. If you buff her even a bit you are going to see 1000's of Meis running around. Does THAT sound fun? Definitely not. She is in pretty good spot, she can instakill tracer with 1 right click so I don't think it is really damage that she needs. She is pretty hard to play really well though. You can counter almost every ultimate with correct shield usage. Even lucio ult. In hanamura I heard enemy lucio ult, just threw my wall and lucio ult went to waste. I think Mei's biggest problem is that she is kind of a trick hero. She doesn't work in every scenario (like bastion). She is very heavily dependent on her abilities to succeed. Her secondary fire is very hard to aim. It makes her "not suitable for all situations" compared to many other heroes. If you look what happened to junkrat. He was not being played that much at all. Only on some points in defense by some people. Now they buffed him and everybody plays him everywhere because he is so good. They could change junkrat from defense category to offence. I hope that doesn't happen to Mei.
  13. Meta wise or hero wise? It seems that meta is changing towards Mercy + another healer from old Mercy/Ana + other healer. So in that sense she is becoming more irrelevant to META. However as hero I don't think she is any more irrelevant than before. She works pretty well with pretty much every team comp and with right hands she is super deadly.
  14. I feel like this is pretty subjective topic. Hard to come up with anything that would be even close to objective. I have won games with triple. even quadra DPS. When winning with 3-4 DPS most of the time it feels like it is not just because of our picks but because enemy can't cope with us overall. 3-4 main DPS is much better than 2-2-2 where like 3 guys are not playing their best heroes. I don't really know if it is actually good tactic or not. That is something I would love to test with a comp team.