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  1. This whas one of the worst seasons for me But i did clim back to gm.
  2. its so nice to see that combo also probs to that rein
  3. Always listening to music, does not matter what kind of music. It always pumps me up
  4. Dont rly know the K/D of the match anymore, but my best killstreak whas 53 kills with genji.
  5. Never i Will become one with the hanzo main
  6. I wanna get bettet with hanzo, If you hit your shots you can easily kill half of a team
  7. 88 (this was in season 3 when you still could make big winstreaks)
  8. Lucio, he is rly easy to play as a starter, But once you try to master wallcliming you see how much fun you can maken with lucio.
  9. i main lucio. its a basic character but once you try to master him its a lot of fun.
  10. Right now she is a pain to deal with in solo q
  11. Dps: lucio Tank: rein Support: lucio