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  1. Let's get some post in

    Thank you for making a dedicated spam thread corceal haha I have a feeling that with XP, we might be needing it last-minute.
  2. Good deal! I was planning on buying it as a gift so it was great timing for me
  3. I don't know about foolproof. I can think of at least one fool (me) who would mess it up haha
  4. I don't play many servers that don't have imprinting mods like s+ nanny or something so its awesome but I don't know I feel like I wont use it really haha
  5. I love ankys they're so stubby and awkward-walking but also gathering fiber with the bigfoots is so easy like as long as they're contained its awesome.
  6. RAM helps a lot with loading in to maps and sustaining them. Because the map loads up so many chunks at a time it is a real ram eater.
  7. Wait its finally live?!?! WTF I almost thought aberration was a lie at this point
  8. I second the village concept on the island. Great idea corceal
  9. one of the biggest challenges I have experienced myself within the community is that lack of just that - a community. In PVP the grind is long, you worry about getting wiped, you band with others to avoid getting wiped, barely make any progress, and then you get wiped regardless of the community. In PVE, you spread yourself out to your own lonely homestead and you breed super rexes like crazy and that's all you do. There is no grinding for better anything because you already have the best and then you just expand, breed, build, expand again and complain to LH when you get bored. There's no community building projects. There's no building things for the good of everyone. There's no variety in breeding or activities. There is only building for yourself, breeding rexes for yourself and complaints. There is no banding together in PVE against a common threat because that's for PVP apparently and PVE cannot be challenging. Its hard to find the best of both worlds but it is also hard to see the community torn apart by decisions. If I had everything how I would do it I would make a server and downgrade to vanilla rates and just have s+. There just is no perfect answer for everyone i'm afraid but just jacking up the levels and adding layers of mods is maybe not the direction we should all go in.
  10. Does anyone know what the primal plus thing does? it may possibly add more of a challenge with less OP weapons/gear?
  11. they have a pretty funny ark lets play series as well. entertaining to watch. i'm all caught up with it by now they come out with new videos every Saturday for ark
  12. I'd love a hardcore survival pve thing with all of us. Less focus on "epic" basebuilding and more on team survival from alpha dinos.