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  1. Ah okay good, count me in then :P
  2. I'm certainly interested in joining a tournament! Always fun :D. Just wondering, would this tournament be played during the week or in the weekend?
  3. [DI-V] Team B vs ICEWS

    Yeah a lot of people left i saw, I guess they all missed me this week :P
  4. [DI-V] Team B vs ICEWS

    Out of curiosity, who played and how did it go apart from the score? :)
  5. [DI-V] Team B vs ICEWS

    How is it that the action starts when I leave for a week :(
  6. I watched @LukE425 play on his stream so I know their tactics now, next time is an easy win :D :D
  7. Yeah I did faceIt with team B last wednesday and then we met a roster from team E. Didn't work out for us in the end, but it was really fun to play other DI members :)
  8. Great pack, thanks for making it and showing how to do it in the video :D
  9. Yeah I would like to try that, but I'm playing in the tournament myself so I don't think its practical :D
  10. I just wanna do better than last season, so at least I have the feeling I got better :P
  11. I like watching Rizzo play with Sizz(so either one) and Squishy because he is so calculative
  12. Danish-Dutch Synergy

    I guess :D I didn't meet a Danish guy I played bad with though :P
  13. Danish-Dutch Synergy

    @Neix Do you feel this with other countries as well? :D
  14. Danish-Dutch Synergy

    So @Neix and I felt the real Danish-Dutch connection while we were playing. Anyone else feels that they can play well with people from a certain country? :D