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  1. 50 pages of topics in general discussion to catch up on...

  2. Fellow Crypto Miners?

    I'm a miner myself, (got to heat the living space somehow) and i'm looking for a bit of advice. Plus I would love to have a little discussion with ya. | What pool{s} do you mine? | Profitability per day? | What services you might use to avoid paying fees? | What hardware you mine with? | Rig Pics ;) | How you feel about NiceHack? Personally I "mine" (sell my hashing power) with NiceHash. I chose to do this long before they were hacked and I was just getting into mining. I actually got the best profitably from them back in the day. Now adays I use them as they give no fee transactions to CoinBase as well as payout in Bitcoin. I previously used MineingPoolHub while the NiceHack was screwing around, and moved back to NiceHash once they started paying back my old balance. I am by no means a professional miner, just a hobby of mine. (lol) I currently mine with an external card hooked to my PC with a PCI riser, and my main gaming GPU. My profitability is around 3.50$ /day. Sadly it was much higher just a month ago, 6-8$ /day, but i can't control China and Japan. I have made about $250 from mining the past 5 months. I'll try and get a "rig" pic up soon. -WP
  3. Bleach and Pepsi... I couldn't choose mixed.
  4. Hey, join our TS, ts.dmg-Inc.com and poke me or anyone in the league area. Would love to play some ranked! (I don't rage or tilt :P) Ts = teamspeak. Also fill out an initate app if you like playing with us. Then you'll be eligible to join one of our teams.
  5. PM's fixed and we now have a back to the top button! :D

    1. Cloa


      and now we have members wrongfully being put on leave get rekt LUL

    2. MikeytheLegend


      been waiting for that back to the top button! thank you!

  6. Just landed in Dallas! GG WP vacation. Back too banning cloa and failing at league with BuffsGG.


  7. My current internet speed http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/i/1704761862

  8. pWpP8.png


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    2. WPCom


      Mmmm yes. Much work to be done.

    3. IbnBattuta


      Sorry for posting this on your statues page Cloa
      WPCom I can't make a Signature here in DI forum at all and It doesn't exist in Account Settings or Edit Profile and I was given a link which access to Signature directly but it doesn't work as well and It gives me an empty DI Account Setting page with Overview highlighted so can you help me make a signature and fix this problem, Please?

    4. WPCom


      Your unable to make a signiture until your a full member :)

  9. Might as well start now...

    I'll answer a few questions for you that stood out :p 1. Monthly fee for a computer?? Whaaaaaat. That is waaaaay too expensive. You can look on YouTube for some cheaper yet powerful computers to build. (Make sure to search by date created for the most recent.) 2. I enjoy two monitors so I can browse teamspeak, online guides, live streams, or YouTube while I'm playing others games :) 3. Don't waste your money on a name rand motherboard. Put the money into somthing more worth the name. (Like the GPU) 4. Ninvida, EVGA if you like the sleek look ;) 5. Over locking all depends on what you pay for. My CPU has a base 4.0ghz, yet can be overclocked along with my GPU too about 4.5 to even 4.8ghz (which I don't recommend). 6. If your like me, and you are a file horder, you have 2 drives. An SSD for your OS and frequently used games, and the HDD for like your downloads and other files. 7. Google :P (although I'm pretty sure it's not that important, for me and you at least) It has somthing to do with the connection of Hard drives. 8. DO NOT USE STOCK THERMAL PASTE. BUY THE NAME BRAND BEST. Google to find the good stuff. (Arctic silver if your lazy) 9. Mine is like 21' 720p :P I think you'll be fine 10. Don't waste your money on a mouse, I have a $5 Logitech mouse from Walmart, and I can game just as good with people with huge E-Penises (Nice mouses) 11. Anything mechanical. And you should get one with some sort of backlight since I assume lots of people are like me and play games in the dark :). My keyboard is a Korsair Vengence. I'll have too look when I get home, on vacation.
  10. Shooting near my town in Dallas :( Stay safe everyone

    1. BuffsOP


      Oh shit. Details?

    2. MI6DaSHmaN


      Yea but it's not a mass shooting, it started at a BLM protest that turned into snipers shooting cops. Pretty dumb, they're protesting by shooting the people they're protesting against... 

    3. WPCom


      Yep. 5 dead cops. 11 injured. 2 citizens injured. Retarded. One of the shooters said that so many black people have been killed, whe wanted to shoot some white cops.

  11. I have only been tilted in league once. But I never get tilted other than that time :P
  12. Hey, WPCom! Did you know MapleStory is the world's best 2D-sidescrolling MMORPG? You should check it out sometime and join me! :-).

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    2. WPCom


      good suggestion, 10 years ban ? :P

    3. Cloa


      Hey, WPCom! Did you know if you switch your profile to the esteemed MapleStory Orange Mushroom, you can receive great in-game rewards? Don't miss out on this opportunity! Show your support today and get rewarded!

    4. MikeytheLegend


      ZOMG I just played it and it is AMAZEBALLS, thinking about starting a Division for it...who do I talk to about starting a venture?