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  1. Puked all over the cat. Cat then licked itself clean ewww
  2. top 5-10 anime's all time

    That's a hell of a list tbh.
  3. What was your favorite cartoon as a child?

    Jace and the Wheeled Warriors So good
  4. Favorite anime of all time

    Basilisk is my favourite. Loved the story, the characters, the art style.
  5. Slow all is a great mod. I find it difficult to free up a mod point for it though. I really like the burst damage rockets + a jump can do.
  6. Unless playing in a combo setup I usually take the same build: +4 damage to aoe of primary No mod on sticky Free big one Bonus damage on rocket jump Behind wall ultimate Catas: second wind, fade, unstoppable
  7. I use the same build usually except for the dash I go for extra damage. Garrison is a beast.