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  1. Pizza or burger?

    Pizza, specifically Uno's deep dish. Such good crust
  2. I've been on teams before with a wide spread of time zones, from east to west. It's hard to coordinate times.
  3. So you build Roa->Manamune-> whatever, and when manamune stacks up, a full rotation (QEQWQ) procs muramana's passive 5 times. Also it syncs pretty well when you do pick up archangel's
  4. For sure. I really love the double tear build, though.
  5. kassadin ult scales off mana too
  6. Ryze was cheap, and he had this super star quality to him. I heard how faker was super powerful on ryze, and I wanted to see what I could do with him.
  7. Are you excited about hitting 50 posts Donohoes?
  8. I'm drowning in pussy event badges at the moment
  9. I don't know what you mean by that. Honestly the only predictable part could have been the loss. The journey was so spicy.
  10. But for real though, Misfits taking SKT to match point!? Nuts It feels so bad to see all these western teams get so close and trip at the finish line, especially in champ select.
  11. I was like "I intentionally made my post ambiguous to avoid spoilers, what gives"
  12. Could discuss worlds. I'm actually really proud of how the west did in the quarterfinals. Some really great series, and a lot of silver scrapes ;)
  13. Lol So, there are five roles in League: Top, Mid, Jungle, ADC, and Support. Top is usually a tank champion, someone who can take a lot of hits and still be good. Mid is usually a champion that can clear minions effectively and/or has the ability to deal a lot of damage in a small amount of time. Jungle farms neutral monsters in the jungle. ADC plays a champ that can output a large, consistent amount of Damage per Second. Supports are there to help the ADC and the team.