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  1. Your deepest, darkest fears...

    Deep. Monkey but :3
  2. How do you make your bed??

    Youse are horrid peoples billions of years and we dont make our beds? shocking.
  3. Yo yo crew

    lol buddy
  4. Your deepest, darkest fears...

    Caught red handed
  5. Your deepest, darkest fears...

    FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF what the fuck? i didnt even see that :/ how do you even make a spoiler ://////////////////////////////////////
  6. Basic stuff if you don't trust the health or mana restore: Keeps runes, means you can, for example, bottle a DD rune and the use it when you get to a fight for maximum time on the buff. Quick fountain use. For tinker late*ish* game you best keep a bottle to spam at fountain... really helps, especially when you replace it with aghs or BS!- also for getting quickly back into a defense. you can sell it for full price if you are fast :) Helpful for you little supps who are too poor for a ward :'c
  7. ohhhh Helloooooo!

    Defo ma no.1 go-to for any and all wrestling stuff!..... ..... ................... Not really into it though xD sorry
  8. New to this.

    Hope you find a good circle of friends to be with here C: Good luck!
  9. Yo yo crew

  10. HI! I'm new, also, super scared :D

    Hope you are super happy to be here! If not.. Oh well :3
  11. Hello

    Idont know much about that game but good on you xD