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    Welcome everyone my name isn't IbnBattuta and It's nice to meet you. In case you don't know me because you never saw me active on TeamSpeak or here in DI forums, I'll tell you about myself since it's my Introduction after all. I'm known in DI as "The longest initiate EVER" because I spent 4 months in DI as an Initiate and I was able to become a Full Member after August Cohort when I was originally supposed to be in May Cohort since I joined DI April 17, 2016 and in case you are wondering why, It's was wither because of activity issues, misunderstandings with officers or lack of people to vote on my full member application. Anyway, some of the bad stuff I encountered here wouldn't have happened to me if someone told me how to avoid them in advance and that doesn't mean that my original mentor wasn't doing his job but he was busy IRL so he wasn't that active in TeamSpeak to talk about stuff and also because I was shy and didn't want to be a burden to him but some stuff happened to me because I didn't pay attention to some rules in Code of Ops. So that made me want to do something to help other Initiates not make the same mistakes I did and to help them succeed their Initiation and the thing I did was this guide in August as a way to gain reputation in this community to have more people know of my good deeds toward community and actually it helped a lot and I was accepted as Full Member in DI. But not because I've reached my goal and became a member, I should stop updating my guide.. this guide helped me know awesome people here in DI and was the reason why some of the old members you see nowadays are what they currently are because my guide motivated them and made them know how to enjoy this awesome community. So with no further delay, I hope my guide becomes useful to you and don't forget to have fun with us! First: TeamSpeak Second: Forums Third: Events Fourth: [Updating and Polising...] 1. What's Code of Ops and how to avoid being striked in DI? 2. Why do Initiate and Membership Applications exist? 3. Who are officers and why do they exist in DI? 4. How does the ranking system work in DI and how to achieve those ranks? 5. I can't be online for a specific period of time and I'm afraid of being striked so what shall I do? 6. How can I change my name in TeamSpeak and is there any restriction on naming? 7. How to include pictures and animated gifs in my posts and topics? 8. I'm afraid to lose my TeamSpeak statues if operation system fails so is there a way to Backup my data? 9. Is there any additional tips that can help me in my stay in DI clan? If you liked a topic/post of someone, Press on the grey heart shaped button in bottom-right of that topic/post so that you Upvote/Like that Topic/Post which increases the reputation of those respective members in DI. It's similar to Facebook Like/Reaction button, thumbs-up for Upvote and Heart for Like so If you liked my guide, I'd appreciate if you Upvote my topic! > Btw, That's how it looks like in case you didn't notice!
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    Summary Everyone, thank you for submitting your clips! I took as many of them as I could and threw them together to make this awesome montage! Please take a second to answer the poll questions, and leave me a comment! Also, I had a blast editing this video, it was really fun to watch all of the plays! Thanks, Aero — Edit: who gave me a frowny face?! :) Video Make sure you watch in Fullscreen HD! Divisions Div 3 Div 15
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    If you’re thinking of starting out in SHK and you’re reading the mass of information we have in the forums, it can be a little overwhelming at first. I am hoping to consolidate all of this information for new and experienced players alike, so I can overwhelm you with one single thread instead ;) In writing this guide, I am assuming the reader knows absolutely nothing about SHK, that way I won’t be overlooking anything. If you’re an experienced player, maybe you’ll learn something new! If anything in this guide is incorrect or you think something needs to be added, please let me know so I can correct it. I want this to be all-inclusive. Explanation of Mechanics Glory The ultimate goal is to gain Glory points for your Faction and House. We do this by holding Capital Leader positions (Parish Stewards, County Sheriff's, Province Governors and Country Kings/Queens) and helping each other hold onto these. You can also claim glory points as a reward for completing certain quests (check with a Division Officer to see if this is worth doing.) Glory Rounds and Ages Each world progresses through Glory Rounds and Ages. Each world starts at age 1, the ‘slowest’ age. At the end of each day points are tallied based on the Capital positions held, and glory points are added to a House’s total accordingly. A Glory Round ends when a House reaches 1 million Glory (4 Million in Age 3). Once the Glory rounds ends, the House with the highest points Wins a Glory Star, and the 2 Houses (only 1 House if 6 or less Houses remain) with the lowest Glory are knocked out of the Glory Race and unable to gain Glory in the future. An Age ends when only 1 House remains Victorious. When moving to the next Age, the mechanics of the World will change slightly, and some things will be reset (your research and Villages will remain intact.) See here for details: Age 2, Age 3, Age 4, Age 5, Age 6, Final Age. Map I will use World 1 as an example for the screenshots. A Parish is a small area containing a collection of Villages. A Parish Steward is appointed by the Villagers (Rank 4 and above) in the Parish via Voting, and controls the Parish Capital. Tax (called Tithe) is paid per village to the parish capital. A County is a larger area containing a number of Parishes. The County Sheriff is appointed by the Parish Stewards (Rank 16 and above) within that County via Voting, and controls the County Capital. Tithe is paid per Parish Capital to the County Capital. A Province is a large area containing a number of Counties. The Provincial Governor is appointed by the County Sheriffs (Rank 18 and above) via Voting, and controls the Province Capital. Tithe is paid per County Capital to the Province Capital. A Country, as you probably guessed, is a huge area containing a number of Provinces. The Country King or Queen is appointed by the Provincial Governors (Rank 20 and above) within that Country via Voting, and controls the Country Capital (Note: Island Warfare consists of only 1 Country, the Philippines, so it is only worth researching 3 points of Commerce.) Tithe is paid per Province Capital to the Country Capital. Tip: Go to Settings> View Village IDs. Once this is enabled, you can tell other DI members your village ID to make it easy to find where the village is. Tip II: Search by Village ID by going here and then here. Popularity Popularity is a measure of how much your villagers are happy with life in your village. Having a high popularity level allows you to use higher tax bands, or gain more passive Honour. Popularity levels also influence how quickly new villagers will arrive at or leave your village. Things that influence your Popularity: Tax levels: The higher you hike up your tax, the less popular you will be. Lower taxes to negative to give bribes instead, increase your popularity. This is useful for getting your village full so that you can hike the taxes up on a full population to get more tax, or just use them for troops. Rations: The more generous and diverse your rations are, the more popular you will be. The more food types you have available, the better. Any food types that are “fully eaten” will not give a popularity bonus. Consider increasing food production of the types that are running out, or just buy some. Ale Rations: Simple. More beer, more happiness. Everyone knows this :P Housing Capacity: If you’re at full capacity, you will not receive a popularity bonus. Consider researching housing capacity, or building more hovels. Arrange your village center like this to receive max villager capacity. (Courtesy of @LadyCynthiaJ) Literature: At ranks 6, 10, 12, 14 and 16 you can research Literature, which allows you to place Popular buildings that can give you a total of 30 Popularity. Arrange your village like this to receive max Literature popularity (Courtesy of @LadyCynthiaJ) Events: Events can affect popularity negatively or positively. An event can be Weather, AI Camps in the Parish, disease in the Parish, or your castle being exposed. You or other players can also affect popularity with Monks via Inquisition (Negative) or Blessings (Positive). Weather events will often last a matter of hours, but sometimes days. Honour Honour is basically this game's XP. You need to gain honour to rank up, and you need to rank up to unlock certain features of the game, like extra village slots, certain research, and the ability the vote for capital leaders. Certain actions within the game will also cost honour, such as attacking a lower ranked player, or obtaining your 11th and above villages. You can gain honour in a few different ways. Most quests will reward with honour upon completion, as do some achievements. Passive You will gain passive honour over time depending on the Popularity level of your villages and the Popularity-Honour multiplier within these villages. To increase the multiplier, you can: Research Arts to directly increase the multiplier (affects all your villages) Research Decoration and place the Buildings you unlock in each village. Research Theology (Rank 8) and place Chapels, Churches and a Cathedral in each village. Research Justice (Rank 16, 17, 18 and 19) and place the buildings you unlock in each village. Note: These buildings negatively impact Popularity, but give big boosts to the multiplier. Make sure you have good popularity to offset the negative impact. Place, or have your Parish Steward place a Town Gardens building and/or Statues in your Parish Capital to gain a boost to your multiplier for all your villages within this Parish. Use Basic(Rank 4)/Advanced(Rank 12) Culture Cards. Killing AI Camps You can gain large amounts of honour from defeating AI, depending on the design of the lair/camp/castle. You do not need to destroy the camp to gain honour, you will gain honour by merely killing some of the troops inside. You will only receive honour for defeating camps within your honour circle, and you can use cards to expand said honour circle. Invest in military research to increase your ability to gain honour in this way. Banqueting This is a good method to gain honour if you are quite active within the world and you focus your research on this method. The strength of the banquet increases depending on the amount of goods and number of different goods you use. At rank 16, you can research the use (and production, if you wish) of Silk, unlocking the strongest banquet multiplier, x160, allowing you to gain a maximum of 432,000 honour per banquet without cards, or 864,000 per banquet using an Advanced Banqueting (Rank 8) card. If you decide you want to produce all of the honour goods, you will need to focus on and invest in this method in research and village type. Salt (Salt Flats), Wine (Valley Side), Spice (River 1) and Silk (River 2) can only be produced within their own respective village types, meaning you will need to dedicate at least one village for each of these goods. You can also place and upgrade, or have your parish steward place and upgrade the honour goods production buildings in the parish capital, giving all your villages inside the parish a bonus to production. If you decide you want to use banquets, but don’t want to produce them, you can either purchase the goods via Trading (beware, spice and silk can become very scarce, very quickly), or rely on an ally that does produce them to provide you with banquets. Factions and Houses Factions are groups created by the players, designing their own name and flag. A faction can hold up to 40 players. DI-II and III have at least 2 factions, one main faction and a sub-faction for those building themselves up. A faction’s points total is the sum total of the members points, so keep those points as high as you can! A Faction can always pursue victory in the glory race. Factions can set other players or factions as allies or enemies. Faction members appear with a pink flower over their villages. Allies appear with a white flower over their villages. Enemies appear with a sword over their villages. There are a total of 20 Houses. The names and symbol designs are fixed. House membership consists of factions, not individual members. The house’s points total consists of a daily tally of collective capital leadership positions held. If a house finishes last in a glory round, they will no longer be eligible to participate in the glory race. Play Style There are a few different roles that can be played in SHK. While everyone eventually ends up with all research completed, and equal footing, until then it’s because to focus on a role. Fighter A fighter will typically research basic self-sufficiency and then concentrate on military research. Once military research is done, you can branch off to a secondary focus like goods production or monking. Knight/Baron Razer A specific kind of fighter that stops ranking up at Knight or Baron to significantly reduce the honour cost of razing enemies. Typically will research basic self-sufficiency and focus on military research, with max merchant guilds, merchant speed and philosophy to allow for easy gold-making and buying research points for as cheap as possible. Monker A monker will typically research basic self-sufficiency and then concentrate on Theology research to act as a supporting role to allies. Can branch off into military or goods production as a secondary focus. Monkers can drastically influence votes, popularity in parishes, remove disease in parishes, prevent enemies from attacking certain villages and prevent enemies from using monk powers. A very powerful support role. Supplier A support role that focuses on producing and supplying goods to allies. Will typically neglect military and religious might in favour of producing an excess of certain goods. You will likely need to specialise in a select few goods to begin with, e.g. a weapon supplier, banqueter, food/ale farmer, etc. Once you have established yourself and begin producing a lot more than you need, you can begin sending supplies to allies that need it, donating the goods to parish guilds to build up the parish, or sell the goods to make gold. Starting Out Once you’ve set up the game, you’ll need to decide which world to spawn in. DI-II is currently playing in Island Warfare and DI-III is playing in Global Conflict 2. Once you’ve selected the world you wish to play in, you will be asked to place your Village. “Random” will place your Village in any free spot in the World. “Manual” allows you to choose which County you would like to spawn in, and then a free slot within that County will be randomly selected, I recommend this option. If you spawn in one of the DI worlds, speak to an Officer from that Division to find the best place to spawn. If you are not happy with your spawn location, you can abandon the village and you will be placed somewhere else, but you can only do this once a week. If you need to respawn again, you can drop the Peace Time by beginning to attack a player, then when prompted, choose to drop the Peace Time, then cancel the attack. Once you've done this, an Ally can Raze your village, allowing you to spawn elsewhere. Once you have been placed, you should play through the tutorial for a brief explanation of the game mechanics. You should also have a read through this Beginner’s Guide to get you set for early game. There are also some helpful threads and guides for early game at the end of this guide. Guides and Discussions We have amassed an impressive amount of threads discussing some important topics, and some great guides on how to do certain things in SHK, I will link these below, as well as some external links. General/Misc http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/10426-acquiring-new-villages/ http://strongholdkingdomsadvguide.com/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/17298-tipes-of-villages/ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=257141577 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=257109089 Castles http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/19545-whats-your-wall-build/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/15534-shk-castle-layouts-post-your-best-ideas-and-pics-for-awesome-defense/?page=2 http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/436-castle-design/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/4166-examples-of-how-to-build-your-castle/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/4191-warfororks-awesome-castle-building-strategy/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/996-how-to-card-up-a-castle-quick/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/13304-how-to-defend-your-castle/ Research http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/2989-starting-a-new-world-research/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/18667-what-research-should-i-focus-on/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/1627-supplier-research/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/1602-monk-researches/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/3084-research-for-fighters/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/20877-knight-razer-research/ Honour/Leveling http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/13051-honour-guide/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/5625-the-quickest-way-to-level/ Economy http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/4472-playing-the-stock-market-shk/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/13305-buy-and-sell-market-table/ Military http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=257177957 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=257106690 https://www.scribd.com/document/207269458/Stronghold-Kingdoms-attacking-tutorial
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    Hello everyone! It's Soulrick here, and this is the beginning of a 5 week weekly topic. First i'm gonna tag Competitive Team C members and Pokemon Officers. Also @13thShade or someone could tag inside the spoiler interested members on upcoming Trainer School? It will consist on a VGC 18 guide from the most basics to more advanced and concrete things. But before starting, i want to make some things clear. HOW TO READ For some, Pokémon is nothing more than a game where defeating the League Champion and completing the Pokédex is all they can aspire to. Many more are also passionate about hunting for shiny Pokémon. However, there is a small (although increasingly growing) number of players who believe that the game itself isn't enough, so they begin to focus the game competitively. Some opt for formats based singles (1 vs 1), where regulations and formats change over time and are regulated by Smogon University. However, on this weekly topic, we are gonna be dedicated exclusively to Pokémon VGC, and also the official format of Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, and also one of the many faces of this versatile video game. Finally, you should know that this guide is aimed at players who have played a game of the main saga, understand the basic mechanics of the game and, most importantly, want to learn and have a lot of patience. Alola! (not even Hau lol) Welcome to this introductory guide to Pokémon VGC 2018! Over the next 5 weeks, you will find on this weekly topic all kinds of content to train for the next format, which will become legal on January 1! It is also a good time to quickly visualize the differences between some terms that, at first glance, may seem synonymous: Format: set of rules and specifications that apply in all official competitions (which award points to qualify for the World Cup) and also other non official but hosted competitions. They change at the end of each year (it has always been the 1st of January, with the exception of 2016, where it was December 1 for the 2017 format) and they always fit and play in the last game of the main saga. Commonly, the formats are called "VGCxx", where xx is the year where they are played for the longest time. For example: VGC18: format in effect as of January 1, 2018 (until, presumably, December 31, 2018), pertaining to the 2017-18 season. VGC17: current format from December 1, 2016 until December 31, 2017, pertaining to the 2016-17 season and also to the 2017-18 season. Season: division of the competitive game in periods of 12 months comprised from September to August, in which the Championship Points (CP) for the World Cup are maintained. After the World Cup each year the CP account is restarted for the next season, which starts on September 1st. Currently, each season is divided into series. Series: sections of a season that last from 2 to 3 months. Some events, such as the Premier Challenge, limit the amount of points you can accumulate in each series. Autumn Series (autumn): 9/1/17 to 31/10/17 Winter Series (winter): 11/1/17 to 31/1/18 (we are currently here) Spring Series (spring): 2/1/18 to 4/30/18 Summer Series (summer): 5/1/18 to 30/6/18 Right now we are in the 2017-18 season, which started on September 1, 2017 and will end with the Nashville World Championship in August 2018. The format used in all official competitions until December 31, 2017 (included) will be VGC17, played in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. However, both this guide and the vast majority of the season will be Pokémon UltraSun and Pokémon UltraMoon under the format of VGC18. The exact rules of the 2018 format are still to be finalized officially. However, it is about: Battles will be Doubles format (2 vs 2). Teams formed by 6 Pokémon, of which the player chooses 4 for the combat. In case a Pokémon exceeds or does not reach level 50, it would be readjusted automatically. All Pokémon must have a black cross indicating their origin from Alola. The following Pokémon can not be used: Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celebi, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Deoxys, Jirachi, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Phione, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem, Victini, Keldeo, Meloetta, Genesect, Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde, Diancie, Hoopa, Volcanion, Solgaleo, Lunala, Necrozma, Cosmog, Cosmoem, Magearna, Marshadow, Zeraora (unreleased) You can not use two or more times a Pokémon with the same number in the Pokédex (Species Clause) You can not repeat objects between the different Pokémon in the team (Item Clause) All objects are allowed: this includes Z Crystals and Mega Stones. Each player has 5 minutes of "personal time" and 45s to choose his actions in each turn. So for example: At the beginning of the battle, it opens with turn 1, where the 45s of turn are activated, and also the 5 minutes of personal time. Let's say it takes 12s to choose your actions for the first turn. This leaves you with 4:48 for the rest of the fight, and in the next turn you will have 45s again. Each turn you will have the 45s. If your personal time ends (0:00), you will automatically lose the battle. The time elapsed while the player can not perform any action (animations, Pokémon changes ...) does not count. I hope not to have discouraged you with this first part full of information, because the second part of this first installment of VGC18 in 5 weeks will be dedicated to talk about the basic mechanics of competitive game. To those who are used to other competitive formats or, simply, the upbringing, there will be many of these aspects that will sound familiar. However, it is never a bad time to refresh that couple of details that tend to fall into oblivion... To dominate the types chart is important. UltraSun and UltraMoon bring incorporated, in the same way that Sun and Moon did, an indicator of effectiveness; but it should only serve you in case you find some Pokémon of which you doubt the typing, because the seconds that you delay in consulting count (and we have already commented on the high speed at which the combats go this format...). In any case, having the information of this table in mind is always good. Click to show the table: It is no secret that all Pokémon have stats that mark their most powerful attributes, their strengths and their weaknesses. They are divided into six areas, which are the following: HP : number that indicates the longevity of the Pokémon on the field. When it reaches 0, the Pokémon faints. Several side effects of movements, changes of state and conditions of the combat terrain directly affect the value of the PS regardless of the other attributes. Attack: ability of the Pokémon to execute physical attacks with more or less power. Defense: ability of the Pokémon to resist physical attacks of the opponent. Special Attack: ability of the Pokémon to execute special attacks with more or less power. Special Defense: ability of the Pokémon to resist special attacks of the opponent. Speed: it marks the speed that the Pokémon will have to move and, therefore, to attack. The fastest Pokémon tend to attack first, although you should know that the priority moves ignore the Pokémon's speeds and always attack first. The overall capacity of each Pokémon is defined by its base stats, which you can visit in many different Pokédex. I personally recommend using the search engine integrated in the Pokémon Showdown Team Builder and the Smogon Pokédex. We will take for example Landorus in his Therian form (Landorus-T), a very interesting and valuable Pokémon (among other things, by using Rock Slide), whose statis are the following: When we see his stats, we quickly identify that he has a very good base attack, and that his special attack is relatively mediocre. So, we know that Landorus will most likely be used as a physical attacker by our rivals, and that it is also the best option for our team in case we want to include him there. When we look at his speed, we can note that he is in a somewhat mediocre stat, because big common threats like Tapu Lele, Tapu Koko, M-Kangaskhan or M-Charizard (both X and Y) surpass him in speed; however, it is a comfortable stat for the vast majority of landorus uses. Some trainers decide to correct that by equipping him with a Choise Scarf, but we'll talk about it later... On the other hand, its combination of bulk (ie, PS, Defense and Special Defense) is very decent for a Pokémon that is supposedly only used offensively, so some trainers also opt for objects that reinforce their defensive capabilities, such as the Assault Vest, which multiplies 1.5x its Def. Esp. In exchange for not being able to use movements that do not cause direct damage. If we look at the typing of Landorus (Earth and Flying) and analyze everything commented above, we conclude: Landorus is an extremely versatile Pokémon, as it uses its well-balanced stats to surprise with a multitude of diverse roles, suitable for the vast majority of teams. Landorus appreciates the physical attacks in pursuit of the specials, such as Rock Slide. From time to time he also likes to use Earthquake, which is his main STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus), that is, an attack that receives 1.5x more power since it is the same type as the Pokémon that uses it. Based on the premises stipulated for Landorus (although the scheme really serves for any other Pokémon), we can squeeze their maximum potential and mask their weaknesses. The abilities are the first of the different mechanics of the game that we will contemplate from now on. They were introduced in the Third Generation, and since then, in each generation new ones have been added, some more useful than others, which have left an impact on the competitive scene. When building a team, regardless the metagame, you may be interested in some of the most common abilities, such as Intimidation (Landorus-T, Hitmontop, Salamence, Arcanine ...), which reduces by one level (0.67x) the attack of both rivals; or Defiant (Braviary / Bisharp) / Competitive (Milotic), which counteracts the effects of Intimidation, increasing the Attack or Special Attack respectively two levels (2x) of the Pokémon when receiving a drop in stats. Other common skills are Prankster, from Pokémon like Thundurus or Liepard, which allows them to use their state attacks (like Thunder Wave or Taunt) with priority +1; or Moody, from Smeargle, which increases a stat by two levels and decreases at a different level at the end of each turn, although unfortunately for some, it can no longer show off its Dark Void... It is also possible that you are interested in controlling the weather of the field, in which case, you are looking for climatic abilities... WEATHER In general, every metagame is influenced by the weather during combat. The classic climatic abilities (Drizzle, Drought, Nevada and Chorro Arena) and the movements Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Sand Storm and Hail activate a specific climate, such as rain or hail, for five turns. This effect can be extended up to eight turns if the Pokemon that induces the climate carries a Climatic Rock. The most classic Pokémon for this work have been Politoed / Pelipper and its Drizzle ability; Mega-Charizard-Y and its Drought; and Tyranitar with his Sandblast. Less occasionally we have seen Abomasnow, of Hail skill; or Thundurus carrying the Rain Dance movement. These are the concrete effects of weather abilities: Drizzle (Politoed, Pelipper) Water type attacks do 1.5x damage. Fire-type attacks deal 0.5x damage. Thunder and Hurricane never fail. Pokémon with the Swift Swim ability double their speed. Drought (M-Charizard-Y, Torkoal) Fire-type attacks do 1.5x damage. Water type attacks deal 0.5x damage. Thunder and Hurricane see their accuracy reduced to 50%. Solar Beam automatically charges in a turn. Pokémon with the Chlorophyll ability double their speed. The Synthesis, Morning Sun and Moonlight movements recover twice as much health. Sand Stream (M-Tyranitar, Gigalith) Pokémon that are not Ground, Rock or Steel type receive residual damage each turn (1/16 of their PS). The Special Defense of the Rock type Pokémon increases by 1.5x. Pokémon with the Sand Veil ability increase their evasion by 25%. Pokémon with the Sand Rush ability double their speed. Pokémon with the Sand Force ability increase the power of Rock, Ground and Steel type attacks by 30%. Snow Warning (Abomasnow, Ninetales-Alola, Vanilluxe) Pokémon that are not Ice type receive residual damage each turn (1/16 of their PS). Blizzard never fails. Pokémon with the Snow Cloak ability increase their evasion by 25%. Pokémon with the Ice Body ability increase their PS by 1/16 at the end of each turn. The Pokémon with the Slush Rush ability double their speed. Allows to activate Aurora Veil. Until now, all the concepts will sound like you have played the adventure of the game. From now on, something that does not show up directly in the game starts, but you can quantify and measure without problem. The effort points (Effort Values and, therefore, EVs) are values that each Pokémon acquires as it defeats another Pokémon (and that the console does not show). Each Pokémon that we defeat brings a different number of EVs and in different stats as well. Finally, the EVs are moldable to your liking: you can distribute them as you want between all the characteristics of your Pokémon. When playing VGC at level 50, there are certain characteristics of the EVs that you should notice: You have 508 EVs available, you can invest a maximum of 252 in two stats and the remaining 4 in another. If all the IVs of your Pokémon are at maximum (31), the ideal situation is to invest in 3 or 5 statis to avoid wasting the available EVs. When a stat has 0 EVs, when adding the first 4 EVs, the final stat will add up to one point. However, thereafter it will be necessary to add 8 EVs so that the stats add a point. That is to say: 4 EVs: 1 point 8 EVs: 1 point 12 EVs: 2 points 16 EVs: 2 points 20 EVs: 3 points And so on until you reach 252. Now you start to see where the issue of "wasting" the EVs goes, right? In a future article I will explain in depth how to make an optimal distribution, but remember that each Pokémon has an ideal distribution according to the team in which it is and the function it performs within it. Do not hesitate to experiment with different options! An interesting tool to create your EVspreads is the Damage Calculator. You may also be interested in this Speed Chart when you want to calculate how many EVs you should invest in the speed of your Pokémon. To guide you in how much people tend to distribute more or less in their Pokémon (as well as the nature or movements that are used most in each Pokémon in general), you can make use of the PGL page or the Smogon stats (2017-10 or the corresponding month and year, look for VGC2017 / VGC2018 and go to movesets). Another of the most important factors in a Pokémon is what would become its genetic, known as individual values (IVs). If you have tradition as a Pokémon breeder looking for perfect IVs or shinies, this section probably will not come with anything new. Broadly speaking, you should know that the IVs... They are measured between 0 and 31 and are present in the 6 stats (PS, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed). There is no limit of maximized stats: you can have 31 in the 6 or in which you are interested (usually they will be 4 or 5). They are different in each Pokémon regardless of their species, unlike base stats or the EVs that it brings from defeating it. They are transmitted through breeding. There are different methods for this, such as the use of Ditto with the 6 IV in 31 with a Destiny Knot, for example. They are legally unmodifiable in the game. The only way to do this is through programs that are external to the game and that are strictly prohibited in the official competition (despite not providing real competitive advantage). From the Seventh generation, there is Extreme Training, which you can do in the Mall of Hauoli City. For this, you will need your Pokémon to be at level 100 and have an object called Bottle Cap as currency. However, the IVs of the Pokémon do not really increase, but within a combat they are taken as maximums (31) but the Pokémon keeps the original IVs. It also does not affect the type of the Hidden Power of the Pokémon. The type of Hidden Power (special variable move with a base power of 60) varies depending on the IVs of each Pokémon as well. Maybe this table extracted from Bulbapedia will help you to know the status of your Pokémon and its IVs. The existing natures can be of one of two this types: Natures that boost a stat (1.1x of its value as final stat) and nerf another (0.9x of its value as final stat). Natures that do not influence stats (1.0x of the value as a final stat in all statistics) You probably want to choose the nature of your Pokémon based on its strengths. If you are using a Pokémon like Salamence, you are probably interested in investing in its speed with a Timid nature (increases speed and reduces attack) or Modest (increases special attack and reduces attack) rather than with a nature that disadvantages its strengths. In addition, natures that do not influence stats are not usually used competitively. These are the effects of natures, extracted from the table in Bulbapedia. With this concludes the first article of the series "VGC 18 Trainer School", hope it have been useful to you! In the next one, we will review the internal mechanics of combat, such as Megaevolutions and Z-Moves, as well as the different types of moves that are most common. Do not miss it!
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    wanted to make a public announcement. I regretfully stepped down from my media-team position. It was an awesome 7 Months and working with all the content creators from all the different division really let me see what D.I. was made of. I won't be doing round-tables anymore, as well as engaging in any content creation for D.I. Which means sadly that i won't get to interact on stream with you lovely people. Though i'll still see you guys around team-speak. Peace out.
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    THE KITTEN CABOODLE RESOURCES | INITIATE'S SURVIVAL GUIDE | CLAN CALENDAR | CLAN RULES | GAME OF THE MONTH INFORMATION | HOW TO RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS FOR EVENTS | FULL MEMBER APPLICATION hello! you are my initiates and i am your mentor go to events and meet all the entertaining kitties our clan has to offer. browse the forums and find interesting conversations! please feel free to approach me about absolutely anything if you have any questions, concerns, or problems! (Use private messages if you need to be discrete.) Remember: Check the forums every 3 days Log onto our teamspeak server once every 10 days (ts.dmg-inc.com) Mentee Kitten Profiles: @Asteroid - this lovable tabby likes to sit on the windowsill and watch the death toll grow ✔ 332/50 Posts ✔ 26/4 Event Tokens ...........Steam........... > UK + Fortnite, CS:GO, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Civilization V, Dead by Daylight, Terraria, StarCraft 2, Paladins @Pixelshy - this fluffy white cat likes to curl up on your lap while you shoot up Zombies, but can't stand the sight of anything actually dying ✔ 105/50 Posts ✔ 5/4 Event Tokens ...........Steam........... > UK + Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO, Fortnite, Garry's Mod, Insurgency, Dota 2, PUBG @EasterPower - this kitten likes to pounce on your headset cord when you walk around ✔ 62/50 Posts ✔ 12/4 Event Tokens ...........Steam........... > UK + CS:GO, League of Legends @Meradie - this sweet bundle of fur likes to paw at the red dot of your sniper ✔ 508/50 Posts ✔ 4/4 Event Tokens ...........Steam........... > UK + CS:GO, Fortnite, Garry's Mod, Team Fortress 2, Terraria, Smite, ARK, Dota 2 @Sushi - this little kitty likes picking his teeth with the bones of his enemies ✔ 74/50 Posts ✔ 5/4 Event Tokens ...........Steam........... > USA + PUBG, CS:GO, Rust, Rocket League, DayZ, Counter-strike: Source, Age of Mythology, Call of Duty WWII @RaZexClutchx - this little kitty naps in places that are impossible to be found ✘ 1/50 Posts ✘ 1/4 Event Tokens ...........Steam........... > USA + ARK, CS:GO, PUBG, Golf with Your Friends @Daryslash - this cuddly nugget accidentally gets his claws stuck in your chair when pawing it for your attention ✔ 92/50 Posts ✔ 10/4 Event Tokens ...........Steam...........> Brasil + Rust, Overwatch, Dota 2, Garry's Mod, League of Legends, Hearthstone @Afropenguin - this bundle of joy will jump on your face when the circle is closing ✘ 26/50 Posts ✘ 1/4 Event Tokens ...........Steam...........> USA + Dota 2, CSGO, Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, Team Fortress 2, Unturned, Terraria @3XK - this sweet cat likes to bat your usb drive under the fridge ✔ 52/50 Posts ✔ 5/4 Event Tokens ...........Steam...........> Serbia + CS:GO, Dota 2 @NeoQuaker - this kitten thinks all the other kittens are its slaves ✔ 50/50 Posts ✔ 4/4 Event Tokens ...........Steam...........> USA + Rust, PUBG, Rocket League .................................................................................................................................................................................. Please reply to this thread answering the following list of questions: 1. Are there any games you want me to add or remove to the list that I included in your kitten profiles? 2. How long have you been playing video games and which games have most impacted you? 3. Are there certain genres or types of games that you are attracted to, and what are they? 4. Have you ever improved on a weakness you had in a competitive video game, and how did you do it? 5. What is the best kind of seafood? 6. Do you have anything going on in life? Anything eating you up? ie, how are you (for real)? (Feel free to converse with anyone about their answers. Let's get some conversations going to boost our post count and meet our fellow cohort members!) .................................................................................................................................................................................. If you want to hang out with me, I highly recommend coming to my Game of the Month events :D We're playing Modded Terraria and StarCraft II. You can find my events on the Social Calendar! If you are low on events, I will probably reach out to you to play literally anything with me at an event. .................................................................................................................................................................................. Finally, I've found myself with a few spare keys. I will be giving out the choice of one of the following games to whichever of my initiates passes their cohort and gets the most event tokens in the month of December! Undertale The Long Dark Resident Evil 5 Oddworld: New' n' Tasty
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    Speechless at the kindness shown to me from the people here to change a neg into a positive. I can't thank you all enough for making this possible.
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    My friend recently drew this awesome picture and she sent it to me knowing I'm such a Vikings fan. Brilliant drawing, brilliant quote. @Specctre @Atomiccow calling you out my viking brothers
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    I'm happy to announce the birth of another Division in DI. I am really impressed to see the SD Counter already running after just a day from reaching Division Status. Congrats for all the effort that was put into this and best of luck on this journey.
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    Bloody weather froze my car, ice scraper broke and i missed the start of the event, black friday hell day
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    Made a giant leap today and got hold of AoM extended edition, seems to work, but just says searching when i check online, i'll learn how to play it on single player first
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    As an update, my recovery seems to be going well enough with only moderate pain. I'm starting to expose my eyes to light a few hours a day (which includes screens!) OW makes me feel really ill but Stardew Valley might just be okay... I hope to be around a little more in the next few days. Thanks for all the support and company x
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    Guess who's back, ready to crush :)
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    Quick update since I've been MIA. My graduation project has gone okay, the exhibition was great yesterday and after spending each day from 9 AM to 11 PM at university, I can say it was a pretty big success considering the ridiculous amount of serious setbacks. I'm completely broken, I just got out of bed (4 PM) after getting insanely drunk with my graduate friends last night, but I'm glad to say that I'll get back to shit later tonight after dinner with my dad to celebrate my 24th birthday :). I will soon be uploading a video that I made 2 nights ago so you guys can see what I've been working on :D!
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    THE BATTLES OF GLORY! SERIES I: DICING WITH A DRAGON. Issue #1 Issue #2 Issue #3 Issue #4 Issue #5 Issue #6 Issue #7 SERIES 2: AN ENCOUNTER WITH THE GREEK MAFIA! Issue #8 Issue #9 Issue #10 Issue #11 *TO BE CONTINUED* Credit to the authors and editors: Authors: @AlwaysSlayin @ImUrX @smallgeorg3 @Roxas @rskde @Theopheno Editors: @mehseenbetter Special thanks: @Thesi @Yoshi @Zezette
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    picked up the new humble freedom bundle but i have some of the games already so here are the codes 4AYL5-DMNQ7-IQ7X8 - stardew valley 3EP2K-H5Y97-YH9K7 - waking mars 0FTCC-AE99R-8325Q - octodad 39DRI-LD7PG-YR48W - superbrothers, sword and sworcery 3GZ7L-NIJAH-Q87KT - super hexagon 3QY2I-5KXA7-IFDJP - rocketsrocketsrockets E68JD-09VM7-LAI9C - a virus named tom 2X7PN-E566J-LQPAW - ai war - fleet command 0ITV0-Q3IX5-C9IZM - streamline first come first served. two things though, please only take one per person and call it out in the comments what you took so others dont try and redeem the same code. enjoy!
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    Look in the mirror and what do you see once you are perfect you can judge me till then don't point out my mistakes if you can do it better please go ahead. You wave from your throne with your gold crown You think this will make you the king I have news for you, it takes hard work and dedication something it seems you still need to fathom So look in the mirror before you judge me please make sure you are perfect.
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    im dying idk how the gatekeepers do it |D
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    Love from Big Gucci <3
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    Bunny's Explosive Guide! In this guide you'll learn how many explosives it takes to destroy each object. ( Note that the explosive ammo tests were done with the M249 ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Explosive Ammo Explosive Ammo Twig Twig Roof Soft Side 1 Explosive ammo Hard Side 2 Explosive ammo Twig wall Soft Side 1 Explosive ammo Hard Side 2 Explosive ammo Twig Foundation Soft Side 1 Explosive ammo Hard Side 2 Explosive ammo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Explosive ammo Wood Wood Roof Soft Side 61 Explosive ammo Hard Side 56 Explosive ammo Wood Wall Soft Side 47 Explosive ammo Hard Side 54 Explosive ammo Wood Foundation Soft Side 48 Explosive ammo Hard Side 57 Explosive ammo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Explosive ammo Stone Stone Roof Soft Side 244 Explosive ammo Hard Side 321 Explosive ammo Stone Wall Soft Side 210 Explosive ammo Hard Side 237 Explosive ammo Stone Foundation 207 Explosive ammo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Explosive Ammo Sheet Metal Sheet Metal Roof Soft Side 301 Explosive Ammo Hard Side 363 Explosive Ammo Sheet Metal Wall Soft Side 393 Explosive Ammo Hard Side 401 Explosive Ammo Sheet Metal Foundation about 500 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Explosive Ammo Armoured ( about 500 Explosive Ammo For all of them ) Explosives Per Upgraded Piece Wood Everything is 1 Rocket Stone Everything is 4 Rockets Sheet Metal Everything Is 4 Rockets Armored Everything is 6 Rockets ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Satchel Charges Wood Foundation 3-4 Satchel Charges Wall 3 Satchel Charges Roof 3 Satchel Charges Stone They're all about 10 Satchel Charges Sheet Metal They're all about 15 Satchel Charges Armored They're all about 20 Satchel Charges ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ C4 Wood They're All 1 C4 Stone They're all 2 C4 Sheet Metal They're all 2 C4 Armored They're all 3 C4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Different Construction Items Ladder Hatch/Sheet Metal Door 4 Satchel Charges 1 C4 2 Rockets Armoured Door 10-12 Satchel Charges 2 C4 4 Rockets Wooden Door 2 Satchel Charges 1 C4 1 Rocket Chainlink fence/Gate 2 Satchel Charges 1 c4 1 rocket Prison wall/Gate 4 Satchel Charges 1 C4 2 Rockets High External Stone Walls About 10 Satchel Charges 2 C4 4 Rockets High External Wood Walls 5-6 Satchel Charges 1 C4 2 Rockets Shop Front 15 Satchel Charges 2 C4 4 Rockets Dropbox 2 Satchel Charges 1 C4 1 Rocket Vending Machine 4 Satchel Charges 2 C4 4 Rockets ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hopefully the guide helps you! If you found this guide useful, or would like to help me out then leave a Rep on the post! :) Enjoy - Bunny
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    Hoping for an all clear at hospital tomorrow, fingers crossed!! <3
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    Tomorrow is 4 months in Division Command. In 13 days it'll be 6 months as an Officer for me. Dang, how time flies and things change.
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    Its been a great year, with many memories created and lots of achievements reached thanks to each and every one of you! Merry xmas to you all!
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    Today is my official 1 year post! Glad to still be here and yes, I will be making my special 1 year shoutout post to everyone who's made an impact on myself throughout my year (yeah I know so original :P). Here's to the everything more to come! <3 u guys :D
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    Video of my project! No sound sadly, but maybe I'll reupload an improved version on day that includes audio.
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    PART 1: TURN YOUR MENTEE INTO A POKEMON 1. Use a random pokemon generator to roll STAGE 1 forms. Do not roll for legendaries. 2. Determine a pokemon's level by taking their total XP and dividing it by 10. Example: 150 XP / 10 = LVL 15 When initiates become full members, they cannot level-up or evolve further. If they leave the clan, then they have been released back into the wild and you should delete them from your PC. 3. Use Bulbapedia to figure out their moveset. A pokemon may have up to 6 moves from their natural moveset and 2 moves learned from a TM or HM. 4. For every initiate who passes their cohort, you will roll one random TM from any generation. For every 3 initiates who pass their cohort, you can pick out one hold item of your choice. 5. You can grand-father in your Mentees, but you will not receive TM or hold item rewards for them. All grandfathered in mentees are LVL 60 and your choice of the evolution stage. 6. For each month your mentee stays in DI, they gain 10 LVLs, capping at 100. PART 2: REGARDING EVOLUTION Pokemon evolves through Affection ex. Pichu Mentee screenshots themselves asking 5 people "Will you be my friend?" with the other person responding favorably. Pokemon evolves through Trade ex. Machoke Mentee screenshots themselves at 3 events outside their primary game OR transfers divisions. Pokemon evolves through a Stone ex. Eevee Mentee recruits one person for DI. PART 3: BATTLE INFORMATION STATLESS. Pokemon battles proceed in a turn-based manner. Use common sense and use damage calculators only as a general guideline. Squishy Pokemon - Faint after ~2 hits. Tanky Pokemon - Faint after ~5 hits. Average Pokemon - Faint after ~ 3 hits. * moves like take down and explosion also harm the the pokemon MOVES. You may use 2 moves per turn. The first move is an attack move such as hydro pump. The second move is a support move such as growl. ACCURACY. Use the forum dice plug-in to roll whether your moves hit. For example, Thunder has an ACC of 70%, so you would need to roll a 7 or lower on ten-sided dice to land it. ADDITIONAL EFFECTS. Some damage-dealing attacks have additional effects. For example, Thunder has a 30% chance to inflict paralysis. DODGING. “Dodging” can also include parrying or withstanding; anything that prevents damage counts as a “dodge.” Dodging consumes one of your turns. A pokemon may not dodge two turns in a row. In other words, a pokemon can only dodge every other turn. BUFFS/DEBUFFS. A buff/debuff’s duration is determined by how many stages it raises/lowers ingame. One stage means one turn. Two stages means two turns. Buffs and debuffs only take effect upon the turn AFTER they're used. Their effects are below: BUFF/DEBUFF ATK extra offensive physical move/no offensive physical moves SPATK extra offensive special move/no offensive special moves DEF extra defensive physical move/no defensive physical moves SPDEF extra defensive special move/no defensive special moves SPD/EVA can dodge one extra turn/no dodging ACC roll >50 for each move to be undodgeable/roll >50 for each move to hit CRIT roll >50 for a critical hit/roll >50 for a move to deal ineffective damage LIMITATIONS. No attack can be used twice per turn. Moves that mess with the system (ex: Lock-On, Protect) should be used sparingly. Moves that are dodge or die (ex: Curse, 1HKOs) should also be used sparingly. STATUS AILMENTS. Use a roll at the end of a turn to overcome status ailments. A roll higher than 50 ends the ailment. Paralysis and Infatuation cost a pokemon half their actions. Sleep or Frozen costs all their actions. Trapped and Partially Trapped pokemon (ex: Mean Look, Fire Spin) cannot dodge. Other status ailments work as they do in the game. - credit for this pokemon battle system goes to my old friend, katya.
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    Anyone know what a Registered Guest sees when visiting this site or is it best to ask what they don't see or have access to
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    LOVING YOURSELF I KNOW IT'S A LITTLE LONG, BUT PLEASE READ IF YOU HAVE THE TIME. since the holidays are approaching, and all the delicious feasts and cookies and pumpkin-spice flavored sugary drinks are on the menu, I figured I'd post a little something about body image. this is a little shpeel that sprouted one summer before I went to college, when I worked with the younger girls of my swim team (early high school) at the swimming pool of my local youth center; I was really close to them in age as a young lifeguard, and a lot of the swim team swimmers were girls - some of whom were on dietary supplements, etcetera. every year, I change and learn things I wish I'd known a year ago, so I hope this might help someone out there who's struggling the same way I did. i know this is a guy-dominated forum, (and what's this chick doing talking about her figure??) but i think body image issues transcends gender, and the ways i've struggled with self-esteem relating to my appearance can still have meaning here. --- as a background tidbit, I'm pretty short - 5"4 ever since I turned 14, and the most I've ever weighed at my height was 145 lbs. I used to wear size 12/13. since I was 8, I stress ate. My mom was pushing me hard in school, was hardly home, and my family was small and broken. I spent a lot of time on my own. When I was alone, my body didn't bother me, but if I looked in a mirror, I would cringe. I always felt ugly when I was around people, and that I had to claw my way into favor of my friends. I was the girl that let you copy her homework if you sat with her at lunch. My mom new I was overweight, and would badger me about it. I felt, as a child, that my only immediate worth was in my size, and if I were thinner, I would feel less disgusted with myself. in high school was when I began to lose weight - I got into varsity sports (swimming and tennis), and though I pulled my weight problem back together (dropping to 120lbs by my junior year), I never felt as thin as I wanted to be. I'd have dreams that I was 500lbs, looked like a giant popcorn ball with arms and legs, and i would just stare in the mirror with loathing. i'd squeeze into smalls, size 6/7 pants, and i understand this is not at all a Large place to be on the spectrum of size, but anywhere my cloths pinched me made me feel bloated. i became obsessed with my body, convinced that I was unattractive, and though I never ended up having an eating disorder, I spent roughly my whole adolescence hating how I looked. I was surrounded by stick-skinny friends who I compared myself to, either athletes or girls who were naturally incredibly slim, and I started to hate how I looked. I won’t go into details, but for six years, every facet of my life was affected by how I despised my reflection, convinced that I was “fat." This isn't anything as severe as an eating disorder; but I did spend a lot of time hating how I looked, and that's something a lot of girls - and guys - go through, when they shouldn’t. Hating yourself and hating your body, even when it doesn’t escalate into an eating disorder, is awful. eating disorders are a very serious issue, yes, but I'm hoping to address even those who haven't entered that realm, but are still unhappy with their bodies - which is a startlingly large percentage of the population. I realized it when, as a college student, I worked with teenage girls at the Boys and Girls Club who were still in high school, who were talking about dieting and losing weight and going to extreme lengths to attain a size when I looked at them and I thought that they looked gorgeous. I thought they were crazy, because they were complaining about being a size — and wearing a size large or medium when I genuinely didn’t see anything wrong with them at all. I thought it was just the shape of their body, and i never thought of them once as "fat". But I understood, because I remember. I remember being insecure about my weight to the point where I couldn’t even talk about it, because I was embarrassed to even bring it up - because that would have brought more attention to my body. I felt like everyone remembered how I was when I was at my worst, and that I could never shake off the image of my gross body even though I should have been satisfied with my appearance by then. I remember even looking at larger girls who had so much confidence and wondering how they could be happy with themselves when I was so upset with my now smaller body. I remember not understanding it at all, wondering if they were faking their confidence - I wasn’t thinking that they’re fat, but rather, I simply didn’t understand how they could be happy at that size, because I was smaller and I still wasn’t happy. Because once you have an idea or an opinion about yourself, the only person who can change it is you. No matter how many people tell you you’re fine - which I genuinely believed about the girls I swam with - you’re not going to believe them, because THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN TEACH YOU TO LOVE YOURSELF IS YOU. We're raised in an era where we grow up looking at stick-thin models who aren't half that skinny in reality, photoshopped so their bodies are perfect models of no real person. We worship barbie dolls and idolize celebrities, and popular culture gives us a standard of what's 'good looking' and what's 'not,' and it makes up these unrealistic expectations in our heads of what we should look like, of what being 'skinny' is and that even 'being skinny is good.’ We grow up in a world where so many people are unhappy with how they look, in a society that subconsciously and inherently teaches us that to be ‘pretty,’ we have to be ‘skinny,’ and to be ‘skinny,’ we have to be a size 0 or a size 2. Because at the end of the day, what is the right size and the right "look" is nothing but a social construct. You don’t need to be skinny to be pretty. Moreover, you don’t need to think yourself as skinny to love yourself - know your size, know that it might not be what’s standardly considered ‘skinny,’ but love yourself anyway. Love how you look, even knowing that you have flaws - love yourself, flaws and all. the truth is, you can lose 100 pounds and be a size 0, and still hate yourself and still think of yourself as fat. It's a real thing. I’m not being vain, but I’m acknowledging that at the size I am, I’m what is typically considered on the "healthy" end of the spectrum - and I’m telling you now, I was still, always upset with my body and felt overweight. You’re always going to think “If I’m just 20 pounds lighter, I’ll be happy with myself; just 50 pounds; just 2, 3, 4, 5 sizes.” Here’s the thing. No. You won’t. You’re going to lose all that weight, or gain all that muscle, and you can still be unhappy with yourself. BECAUSE LOVING YOURSELF DOESN’T COME WITH A NUMBER, DOESN’T COME WITH A SIZE, DOESN'T COME WITH ANY 'SPECIFIC APPEARANCE AT ALL. YOU DON’T LOVE YOURSELF BECAUSE OF YOUR NUMBER, YOU LOVE YOURSELF REGARDLESS OF YOUR NUMBER. I remember thinking “if I was just two sizes smaller, I’d be so happy.” It took me a long time to learn that no, it won’t make me happy; it took me a long time to realize that loving myself simply came by itself, without a number or size attached. The difference between loving your body completely and not is huge. I’m not saying I think of myself as the most gorgeous girl in the planet; I don’t. I'll still always have insecure moments, and I still have areas I’d like to lose weight in - I want my arms to be thinner, my waist to be slimmer. It’s okay and perfectly normal to have these things, to have things that you want to be different. But the difference is loving yourself anyway. I have spots I don’t like, but I don’t cower from mirrors the way I used to; I’m happy with how I look, even knowing I have troubled areas, even knowing I’m not as skinny as I’d like to be. Being happy with yourself is unrelated to thinking yourself as perfect - being happy with yourself means loving yourself even knowing you have the flaws that you do. Since I’ve learned to love myself, I haven't really had as many anxious thoughts about how I look, and I’m just a happier person in general. I didn't know it was possible to feel so indifferent about how I looked. Loving myself and my body is the best thing I learned to do, and the best thing I’ve done for myself in my early college years. If you’re anything like I am, this post probably won’t help since I was very stubborn and, like I said - the only person who can teach you to love yourself is you. But I hope this puts things into perspective, and if it helps anyone at all, I’m glad.
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    How to play firepower frontline support Guides for Freelancers FirePowers Blackburn Celeste Elle Gremolitions inc. Grey @HellSpawn @Donahubert @BeerCheese @Selphius Juno Kaigin Lockwood Nev:3 Nix @LemonTree @MrSfke @Jinsaku @BeerCheese OZ Pup Tol-ren Zuki frozzy @Jerathustra Frontliners Asana Brynn Garrison Isadora Phaedra @Nalanthi @BeerCheese @LPFinale @jarcev Rampart Rask Titus @MrSfke @CMobile96 @Nalanthi Support Aurora Dr. Finn Helio Khita Meridian @MrSfke @AzureWolf @MrSfke @Disintegration Orion Quark Su-Ren @Memedelyn @MrSfke *credits to all the writers off the guides
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    Record-tying, now it's time for record smashing.
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    and finally i've managed to order my own DI zip hoodie, can't wait until it gets here ^^
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    I have finally given Awards a refresher :)
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    I was accepted to the post-bacc teaching licensure program for Fall 2017. Thanks for helping me write my cover letter @Insanity :)
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    I understand its not always easy for you officers, please understand that all of us appreciate the hell out of everything you do for us and for DI. ❤
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    There letting me go home on Friday, parents want me to rest for a few days then hopefully be able to start school Monday. Love y'all
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    "*wheeze* *giggle* *wheeze* *giggle* *chortle* *guffaw* I'm sorry... *giggle* *wheeze* *wheeze* *wheeze* *cough* *hack* *wheeze* *hack* *uproarious laughter* -- MUTED" @Jam
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    constructive post ? i dont know . but here is what i can do for this faction. i think this war in EU3 will be a long one, this will be a battle of honour and faith points . iam planning to stay as a knight for a while , but not just a knight , but a KNIGHT RAZER . Knight Razer full military research maxed longbow, pikes and cats hitpoints can self ID also maxxed construction for faster castle build up in the fronts i get honour killing Ai castles station troops in vassals spread vassals not to over lap the honour range since your a fighter MUST attack TREASURE castles TREASURE CASTLES are castles that spawn in any other parish, you can attack it once a day (24hrs) spin wheels are the rewards you get, depending on the level of the castle . its cool once you plan how to attack and get the treasure . wheel spins dont always end up good . i made a small video will paste it here. P.S. forgive me for my english
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    Hey guys, (I'm Kronos's partner), I have just told him he is not allowed to talk on Ts for the period of today. Last week he had a virus, and now is struggling to talk, I need everyone to accept it. I am aware he is the leader, but it will suck if he cannot talk. It's only for today so his throat can start healing. Please, it would be great :). But I know it will make it hard for him. but he has to have some quiet time (as he TALKS WAYYY to much on TS) thanks guys :) im hoping this will help Kronos :P (and just to give him a lil bit of shit through forums)
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    Hi Guys, I have a short tutorial down here on how to install and use the clan decal. I made it as easy as possible for you guys to use. Please note that you will be the only one who will see this decal. Other players will only see your primary color. Still it is nice to have our own decal, and also for community montage purposes. You will need to start by downloading the files with this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/926jc4dt61d28mi/AABioEsn5OfDKNx8xgHFg9zVa?dl=0 This download contains 2 files. a uMod .zip file, and a folder with 2 textures as .dds file. You will need to start by unzipping the uMod files to a destination on your computer. As soon as thats ready, launch the uMod.exe file. under Main, in the menu, navigate to "add game". Go to this file destination: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\rocketleague\Binaries\Win32 and select the rocketleague.exe file. After that, go back to menu, and make sure to check: "Use global hook". You need to do this for the mod to work. After that you can start Rocket League. You might be experiencing crashes, if this is the case, you will need to run RL in windowed mode. You can do this by going to the options >> graphics tab in the rocket league menu, and select windowed instead of full screen. When you have Rocket League running, you will see a new tab in uMod, calld rocket league. Right click in the white area at the bottom, and click on: "open texture/package". Navigate to the octane texture folder which is included in the download, and select both .dds files at the same time, then hit open. Now you need to go to your garage in Rocket League, make sure to have the octane selected, under the decal tab select none, and under paint finish, select black as accent color (this looks the best with the decal). Feel free to choose whatever color you desire as a primary color, as this is the color people will see when they play with you. Thats all guys, I hope i did not forget anything. Please let me know if you experience any difficulties, I'll try to help you out. Cheers! Update: Happy to tell you guys the dominus decal is now available for download trough this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s7i8kxe7dzzzf6l/AAAyR2x8LT_6HOdEEPe7MMsza?dl=0
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    Personal Stats ( Summoner Information) LoL Poro - This site calculates your champion MMR and Ranking MMR, has its own specific ranking for summoners champions and alot more. It also has a nice feature of when creating a account you can join all your accounts stats together and view your overall win rate and KDA with all your accounts. Jungle Toolkit - This site has a live game lookup, a replay system and gank scores. A very good jungling site. 2ez.gg - This site grabs a bunch of sites together and puts it into 1 accessible site. LoL Planner - It allows a team to make their plays before a game. Offmeta - For those days when you feel like playing but don't know which champion to pick. OP.GG - A site that is mainly used to calculate yours or some other players MMR. You can also use it to check your stats or of other players and you can use it to spectate pro players and view rankings. LolProfile - Is similar to opgg it offers summoners history, champions stats, live games and more. Quickfind - It gives you details about every game. It also shows their wins and loses in their placement matches. It shows the Ranked League decay and shows stats for every champion you've playing in ranked. Overall it's a good startup site for begginers. WardScore - Shows how well you ward in comparison to people who play other roles! LoLNexus - Gives you live details a game that is in progress. It comes in handy for checking out your opponents. LoLByte for Chrome - LolByte is a lightweight tool that allows you to look up information about summoners instantly in League of Legends! It now also supports seeing current game info like LolNexus. LoLKing - A very good site with a cool design. The site contains contest, charts, streams, champions, 3D models, leaderboards and champion guides. LolSkill - This site has a more in-depth summoner stats website. It shows your specific ranking on certain champions and has a calculated win chance % for each game. Lol-mmr.com - Lets you find out your champion MMR and Ranking MMR. Decay of Legends - Lets you find out how much time you have before your account decays. Wasted on LoL - A fun site to see how much time you have wasted on LoL. LoLSpectator - Lets you spectate games on Mac / Windows. Best of all it lets you spectate EVERYONE. Triumph.gg - Lets you analyze matches played, viewing average enemy ranking, players performance ranking, match overall statistics and more. The Laning Phase - Gives you analysis of specific champions and roles a player has played with and gives tips on how improve your laning, what to build in specific matchups and etc. LookBack - Allows you to check if you have encountered a player in a previous match. LoL Alytics - Allows you to search you summoner profile, view recent history and champions stats and more. Champion Mastery Lookup - With this website you are able to lookup your champions mastery's, check progress to your next level and see which champions you have gained chests for already. LoLHistory App - This application for the phone allows you to view information about summoners match history with great detail. Teemo.gg - Teemo.gg offers to there viewers latest champion statistics, match history and more. They also offer a list of top streams for league of legends. LoLwiz - LoLwiz is a overwolf in-game overlay which shows stats about your team mates and opponents, optimal build paths, etc and currently replaces a few other tools. Mobalytics - Mobalytics is an upcoming site that is currently in closed beta. They aim to condense your match performance into several key areas, such as fighting, warding, etc, and give you a score for each. This allows you to see which areas you need to improve. They also give advice for each category as well as helpful videos. LoLPredict - You can enter picks as they happen in champ select and it will tell you what the optimal next pick is. It also has % chance to win and post game stats too. Matchup.gg - Matchup.gg allows you to search a summoner or champion and will tell you the best items to buy vs the match up and when to buy. It also tells you the order you should lever you ability's up. Whatismymmr - Whatismymmr lets summoner search there accounts mmr and will let you know Ranked Distribution. Riot Games Privacy - Riot Games Privacy allows you to check how much money you have spent on league of legends and other info such as games played in certain mods and etc. Mastery Points - Mastery Points shows the top ranked players with the highest Master Points on champions and allows you to search your mastery point data. Poroscience - Poroscience is a website that shows achievements completed and to complete still. Its a interesting website and mostly for fun. Lolsigs - Site allows you to create signatures showcasing your League profile. Champion Stats & Bans & Counters LoLMasters - LoL Master gives you statistics about champions and new lane metas. It's a new site so support the creator. ChampionSelect - All the Champion info you could want with counterpicks, general counters, lane synergy and more! Champion.gg - Champion.gg analyzes millions of League of Legends Platinum+ games each patch to provide relevant champion builds, runes, masteries, stats, matchups and counters. LoL Counter - A site that gives you counter of all champions. League of Graphs - This is a site containing stats for champions. It also has replays and rankings. LoLClass - Very good looking site with very good guides from LCS players. LoL Alytics - Gives you analyzed data from over 20 million platinum + players on there champions and tier list of current champions. Builds League of Legends Math - This website Optimizes items using complex algorithm's to calculate the best League of Legends Champion builds. Rune Forge- Website helps you with the new runes and recommends you with optimal runes. LoLBuilder - LoLBuilder.net is an exciting new tool that brings you the best builds from the worlds best League of Legends players in both the diamond and challenger leagues. Pro Builds - A very helpful site that does not only contain builds from LCS players. It also shows you the most played champions. Championify - Championify is a little program that downloads all the recent item sets from popular websites like Champion.gg and imports them in to your League of Legends to use within game! LoLPro - Another site similar to SoloMid which contains guides. You can compare or mix their guides with SoloMid and find the ultimate guide for a certain champion. MobaFire - A site that contains build and guides. It also contains tournaments, forums and streams. Metalol.net - This website provides builds based on tier list and champions. Ultimate-Bravery - This website tests your bravery, it allows you to choice a champion and it will give you a random build to try in game. LoL Sumo - LOLSumo is a real-time companion app for League of Legends it provides Guides, build orders and crucial information about your match. MetaSrc - MetaSrc provides the latest meta builds for champions providing items, runes and masteries. Korean Builds - Korean Builds offers players with builds from top level Korean players it also gives you the choice of multiple builds for champion roles. News/LCS/Pro Scene Riot e-Sports - Official Riot e-Sports site that contains all LCS games and much more statistics about the Pro Scene. Liquid Legends - A site that contains articles on all the latest news in LoL. Summoners-Inn.de - A German site for LoL news. Surrender at 20 - The best website for news about LoL. Upcoming patches, skins, champions etc. A good way to stay tuned to what's new. Yordl - Set up a wishlist of champions and skins and it e-mails you when they go on sale. Also tracks sales. Fragbite.se - E-sports news in Swedish. LoL-Goldper10 - There is a section for guides, break-downs of professional play, top tier content creators, great translated content, among other things. NerfPlz - Just a regular new site for League of Legends which has some pretty good advantages you should check out. LoLPortal - Another news site. The difference between this one and the other two is that this site has the top ranked teams in the world which is cool. eSportspedia - You can use this site to learn more about the LCS. /r/VoDs/ - VoDs from all over the world. LoL-Esports Express - A nice site to find out about all major and minor news in LoL. EpicSkillshot YouTube Pro Videos - Epicskillshot is a great channel to visit if you're looking to find videos of pro games from the various leagues across the world. Stage.gg - Stage.gg provides viewers with schedules, stats, and Vods for eSport matches. Blitz Esports - Blitz Esports offers latest new on league of legends and provides high quality eSports content. Esportswikis - You can use this site to learn more about the LCS, CS and Pro players. Yahoo Esports - Yahoo Esports provides it users with the latest new and information with in the Esports scene. Mais Esports - Mais Esports is a Brazilian Esports website that offers the latest news within the Esports scene. Best.gg - Best.gg is created by op.gg. It gives viewers advanced details into players rating and ranking, team standings, live games and more for the top pro teams. The Score Esports - The Score Esports is another eSports website that provides viewers with latest news with in the eSports Scene and latest team standings. Guides and League Information LoL Training House - LoL Training House is a community of 2059 League of Legends players looking for mentors, mentees, training partners or duo partners. Skill Capped - A site that help your improve your skills with useful guides. SoloMid - The best site there is for guides. Their guides are more detailed and overall they are just best at what they do. Leaguepedia - A wikipedia dedicated to LoL. This wiki is more focused on the Pro Scene. League Wikia - Another wiki site that is a slightly better option then Wikipedia. If you want to find out something about LoL then i recommend to search it on this site. Summoner School - A subreddit for all of the new summoners. LoL Coaching - A site that allows players to find a coach and to improve their game. www.leagueresearch.com - League research contains streams from twitch.tv and azubu.tv and it combines them all. Skin and Champions sales - Contains when are Riot going to put champions and skins on sale. SkinSpotlights YouTube - This YouTube channel offers to its views the latest skin spotlights. lol-wallpapers - lol-wallpapers offers its viewers access to all splash arts in best quality and also many other artworks as well. Replay Softwares Aof.gg - A replay software which records games automatically and converts them into a downloadable file to watch on your pc. LeagueReplays - A very good replay software which has a death recap and also has summoner information while you're in game with a click of a button. BaronReplays - Another good replay software. SkinsSpotlight Replay - Another replay software. Plays.tv - A replay software that records the best plays during a game. Overwolf Replay - Record your game, replay your kills, and analyze your deaths to master your playing skills. Jist.tv - A replay website that allows you to make highlights of a game or a full game and then watch it online. Official Riot Sites www.leagueoflegends.com - Official League of Legends site. League of Legends YouTube - Official YouTube channel of League of Legends. Riot Games Support YouTube - A support channel which is not official but has good tutorials about LoL. Riot Games Support Contact - A offical support page for league of legends. LoL e-Sports Youtube - Official YouTube channel about the LCS. LoL Esports - Official site about the LCS. LoL Twitch - Official Twitch channel of League of Legends. Riot API for developers - Official Riot API. Match History - Official Riot Match History. Source: 95%- https://www.reddit.com/r/summonerschool 5%- The rest of the internet and me
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    It is currently 3:48AM while im writing this, and what else would i be thinking about other than the one and only... DEEDO, he changed my life. Before i used to get up hating my life, wondering when the day would end and i could go back to my bed (4 pillows on the floor). But know, oh how much my life has changed! I now have 3 kids @Sharpz @KennyTha @Masoon, a wonderful lovely wife @Chantal and a 4 storey penthouse! All from a simple donation from Deedo of about 30 keys. THANK YOU DEEDO!!!!!!!!!!! <3
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    Another Event Header Image done! VGC 18 events are coming and i had to celebrate it with new fancy header ^^
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    When the ball I shoot hits the: 1) Crossbar 2) Left post 3) Right post
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    Officer memories: that feeling when you find the perfect 2IC/TL/VICE/COMMANDER to work alongside @Zxcaven @Jonse @XialonVIII
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    Hey everyone, The format of this is still WIP so let me know if you have any ideas on how to present this better. Just finished doing some testing, thanks to @Deadlypain96 for helping me today. The first question was how much damage does Doomfist's Meteor Strike actually do? Doomfist's Ultimate only does 300 damage. Which means all tanks can survive a direct hit. A Lucio ultimate completely counters it as Doomfist wouldn't be able to kill even the squishiest hero through it. Can you dodge Doomfist's Rocket Punch ability by jumping? Since his Rocket Punch's hitbox was made smaller, could it be done? Well, no. Not for most characters. However, you can dodge it with a rocket jump. Normal jumps will not get you high enough to clear it, but only just. So any additional push, like Soldier 76's Helix Rockets or Pharah's rocket launcher will let you clear it. Can Tracer Blink through a Rocket Punch? Tracer cannot blink through a Rocket Punch, even if the blink destination would be on the other side of the Doomfist. Some very clever programming on Blizzard's part here. Can Roadhog's hook interrupt Reaper's Death Blossom? Yes :o What is the damage falloff of D.Va's Self Destruct Ultimate? At 0m - the maximum amount of damage dealt is 1000. Which will kill any hero outright. However, the damage falloff is pretty extreme. At 20m - The max distance and the minimum amount of damage taken is 150. The Damage falloff begins at 5m and is pretty sharp thereafter. With only Tracer still killed from full hp at maximum distance. It's still safer to just hide though. If any of you have any questions you'd like me to investigate please pm them to me. Thanks :)
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    4 days until my first year and DI and im just looking back at everything thats happened and wondering what is going to happen (for good and for bad) but just want to say thank you DI-4 and DI as a whole. miss everyone thats came and went but as the title says times change and people change. thanks everyone <3
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    The Humble Bundle is currently doing a free giveaway, just link your steam account and you get a code for this: No purchase needed :D
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